How much more money can you squeeze out of a BJJ student?

Apparently a lot more than just your monthly fees, according to a BJJ business who is hosting 2
seminars within a month: at $150 each, that would be an additional $300 for one month!

Seminars are held during normal hours of classes,so what happens to the customers if they refuse to pay an extra $150 for a couple of hours of training which they already paid for as per their paid monthly fee. They do not even get a discount.

maybe someone should talk to fair go as it is an obvious scam to squeeze more dollars out of vulnerable customers.

That is ridiculous.

If someone tried to do the same in a fitness gym, people would sue them.
For example:
"Hi Sir, you need to pay an extra $150 to attend 2 nights of training this month. If you do not pay, please stay at home instead as we are flying a person to teach customers how to lift weight".
Response: "if you need to fly someone else to teach how to lift for and I have to pay more, why am I paying for at the first place?.


Shame on the instructor for NOT providing the service you are being paid for.


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