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Training program

Professor Stuart Mitchell at IBJJF Melbourne

Bjj coach his club hoddie

After travelling by plane for 4 hours, BJJ coach went to scout the first day of the ibjjf event. After seeing an abundant numbers of people wearing their club hoodie, coach realise that he forgot his own club hoodie. However, problem solved as he just bought a hoodie with patches in hope to blend in.

Bjj black belt almost dies

Every year, dozen of black belts migrate to the ibjjf Melbourne to compete in the master division. This year, a black belt almost died while trying to cut weight in the sauna for his uncontested gold medal.

Ibjjf referee certified

Open mats from 10 am on Monday 24 October

At Atos Auckland. Train on public holidays.

Training report: North South Position

Check out this great post I did on the north south choke

Quick Contemplation

Just got 20 minutes to blog about BJJ and club life. This year has been full on with my new job and I have not been blogging as much I would like. I am off to Melbourne to do the IBJJF referee seminar to order to complete my IBJJF requirement for my first degree black belt qualification. Stu will also attend and compete in gi and nogi. This year has been great with lot of competition and having new students in the club. It is a bit of an anti climax with not having a nogi regional held in Auckland which was the reason why we started training nogi so early and held a nogi inter club with our friends at Atos Auckland. But the number of members on the Thursday nogi class is decreasing so I am considering switching back to GI on Thursday. It is alright and now we can easily wind down for the year. So usually, our graduation is held on the first Tuesday of December and the club party is held on the first Sunday of December. Nothing really big. As you know, I do not like

Training report: Knee on the belly

We covered knee on the belly of the last time this year. Gi version on Tuesday and NOGI version on Thursday. I taught the arm bar from knee on belly (the far and near side arm bar) and the baseball choke with the lapel. Stu kept teaching techniques learned the buchecha seminar on Tuesday to the blue belts. Tuesday night was full with over 22 people on the mats while NOGI Thursday only had 10 people! Open mats at Atos Auckland was pretty busy as well with over 22 people on the mats. This week topic will be North South.

Open mats

See you tomorrow at Atos Auckland from 10 am. Always good to roll with friends. See you on the mats.

Training report: SideControl

Side control also known as the 100 kilo position is one the best position to achieve and it is vital to learn how to counter it. Serge taught the principles of side control (retention, escapes and submissions). We covered the topic on Gi and NOGI options and also did situational rolling. While Stu taught the advanced students. He diffused the techniques that he learned from Buchecha. Good luck to Ben and Wez who are competing at the king of the north Next week topic is Knee on the belly