Quick Contemplation

Just got 20 minutes to blog about BJJ and club life.

This year has been full on with my new job and I have not been blogging as much I would like.

I am off to Melbourne to do the IBJJF referee seminar to order to complete my IBJJF requirement for my first degree black belt qualification.

Stu will also attend and compete in gi and nogi.

This year has been great with lot of competition and having new students in the club.

It is a bit of an anti climax with not having a nogi regional held in Auckland which was the reason why we started training nogi so early and held a nogi inter club with our friends at Atos Auckland.

But the number of members on the Thursday nogi class is decreasing so I am considering switching back to GI on Thursday.

It is alright and now we can easily wind down for the year.

So usually, our graduation is held on the first Tuesday of December and the club party is held on the first Sunday of December.

Nothing really big.

As you know, I do not like wasting an entire class for graduation and we still have a roll after graduation.

Usually, the Judo club (our sister club) has their inter club Judo competition on the first Saturday of December as well.

Depending on everyone calendar, we might try to have a inter club gi event on the last Saturday of November. Location to be discussed.

I have a link on the NZ grappler competition for next year so here comes a couple of tips if you want to compete next year.


Be on weight.
Do NOT try to diet on the last week.

Drill techniques and create a game plan.
How to do you do that?

Ask me and I will tell you what you are good at and we will work from there.

Also, learn the name of the techniques, if you want to develop a competition game plan, take the time to learn the name of the techniques.
They are not hard to remember as they are mostly in English.

Try to roll with people of similar weight and skills.
Of course, it is difficult as we have a small club but as you could closer to a competition.
Stop hogging the mats in order to keep rolling.
Have a break and roll with someone of similar skills.

Come down to open mats on Saturday.
I know everyone is busy but getting out of your comfort zone and rolling with new people is a great way to improve and make new friends.

Learn the rules. I know it is boring but if you play a sport, you need to learn the rules


Also next year will bring changes.

We could be looking at a new location which means we might lose some students but gain more as the new site would cater for 85 mats instead of 55 mats.

As you know, we have been restricting new intake to insure quality of teaching and safety on the mats.

Having a bigger space could mean we can increase our membership to a bigger numbers.

More to follow.


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