Training report: half guard pass

The half guard position is the position we spent the most time teaching during the year.

We teach top half guard for 4 weeks and another 4 weeks of bottom half guard through the year.

It is a total of 8 weeks.

This week is top half guard also known as guard passes.

Question: why do we teach half guard pass first?

Answer: Because it is 3 points and half guard sweep is only 2 points.

Our graduation is on Tuesday 6 December during our normal class.

We do not have to fly an overseas instructor to promote our students or run expansive seminars along with our graduation.

We will be grading 4 blue belts (including our first female blue belt).

The grading fee is $50 which include a certificate and a blue belt.

The fees will go into our funds for our club x mas party which will be held on Sunday 4 December.

Also, we are still looking to complete our team of 5 competitors to attend Sensei Rick Littlewood Judo Inter Club / birthday bash- BBQ.


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