Saturday, 12 November 2016

Training report: Serge goes to Judo

Our sister club Auckland University Judo Club where we teach BJJ on Tuesday and Thursday has a class on Saturday at 11 am and finished around 12.30 pm.

Ben has been teaching the Saturday for the past 6 months and has program of techniques which he advertise and promote on his Facebook group.

The topic for today was exactly what I wanted to learn: Throw defense and a counter throw.

Ben also taught 4 grip breaking techniques which exactly what I need.

He continued the class with 3 chokes as well.

For sparring,we started from Ne Waza which I think is good instead of doing Tachi Waza first.

To be honest I felt a bit bad that I wore my BJJ gi which terribly tight fitting and unfair compare the Judo gi that others wore (which are more baggy).

Maybe I will borrow one from Stu or buy one.

Overall, a bunch of good guys and excellent teaching.

I shall go back.

Judo class are free for the Auckland BJJ students otherwise just check out their website for more information.

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