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Happy new year and thank you for the support

Training Program for First semester 2017

Training Program for First semester 2017 Note 1:  You can train Judo every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Tuesday 10 and Thursday 12 January Guard subs Reverse de La Riva Tuesday 17 and Thursday 19 January Guard pass Shin to Shin guard Tuesday  24 and Thursday 26 January Guard sweep Single X guard Tuesday 31 January and Thursday 2 February Top 1/2 guard X guard Tuesday 7 February and Thursday 9 February Bottom 1/2 guard Deep half guard Tuesday 14 February and Thursday 16 February Turtle 50/50 guard Tuesday 21 and Thursday 23 February Questions and Answers Reverse de La Riva Tuesday 28 February and Thursday 2 March Mount Shin to Shin guard Tuesday 7 March and Thursday 9 March Back Deep half guard Tuesday 14 March and Thursday 16 March Side Control 50/50 guard

Congratulation on Francesco promotion

Fransceso has been training this year with us and went back back home to Italy. Well done on your promotion.

Kiwis catching up in UK

Dwain doing some BJJ training at Check Mat fightzone UK while in UK and catching with his mate Bobby.

Congratulations to Dom on his green belt graduation

Blue Belt certificates

End of the year graduation

Suggestion box

At the end of the year, you ask for feedback and suggestions. Without members, we do not have a club. We would like to hear your ideas. For example, Glen wants less techniques taught in the beginner class and more time to repeat the techniques.

Topic for the next 2 weeks

Congrats to the blue belt graduates of December 2016

Robert goes to South Island

Robert was kind enough of sending me some pictures of his visits to Axis in Christchurch and the Carlson Gracie Academy in Queenstown.

Ben goes to Cali