Sunday, 13 August 2017

Training report: Questions and Answers and new Saturday class

This week, we completed out 12 weeks program by having questions  and answers.
It is a great way for students to ask questions and also it gives us a feedback on what is missing in our program.
As you know, it is already difficult to cover everything in our curriculum so 4 times per year, we have a questions and answers to fill that gap.

This week has also been a week full of excitement as we added a new class on Saturday.

We have not taken any new students since June and decided to have a waiting list instead for August.

Since our Tuesday and Thursday classes average 15-20 students, it was a good idea to add an additional class on Saturday in order to take in more members and compensate for the new intake.

The Saturday class is only 1 hour long which is just enough to cover the topic of the fundamental which we teach in the particular week.

Therefore, it is great for the beginners to get that third class to cover the same topic or just catch up in case they missed a class or two.

Saturday class is open to all level and the advanced students can attend and help out the beginners with the fundamentals. It will be a good refresher course for them but they also do their own training on the side as long as they don't disturb the class.

Otherwise, the advanced students can always attend the open mats at Atos.

Now, you might think that one hour is not enough, but we have the great opportunity to jump into the following class which starts at 11 am and is usually taught by Ben: Judo Beginner Class.

You can attend all the Judo classes as it is already included in your club fees.

Traditionally we have 2 promotions per year: June and December.
This week, we broke protocol and promoted Marcio to Blue belt.
 Marcio won silver medal at the National Gi competition.
He usually competes at Master division but he jumped into the adult division and did very well.

We also have another 2 blue belts that did very well but we have to wait until they complete the 2 year minimum period that is an IBJJF requirement.

Buckland Beach BJJ is doing a roll marathon on Saturday 7 October from 10 am to 4 pm.
It is a great way to roll with different people and fund raise for a good cause.
The club will match your donation if you want to attend.

Check out their facebook page and website.

Monday, 7 August 2017

NZ Grappler National GI Competition 2017

Laurance got Gold in his blue belt weight category and bronze in the blue belt open.

Garth got silver medal in his blue belt weight category.

Marcio got silver medal in his white belt category.

Dom got bronze in the Juvenile Blue belt category.

TJ got silver in his juvenile white belt category.

Well done.

Laurence won our cash price for $100 for the most submission on the day (5 subs).

Friday, 4 August 2017

Training report: the turtle position and NEW Saturday classes from Saturday 12 August

This week, we covered the turtle position for the fundamentals.

Also, we covered competition rules and drills for the National Gi Competition which will on Saturday 05/08/17.

Next week topic will be questions and answers.

I will also start a BJJ class on Saturdays from 10 am to 11 am at the dojo.

It will starts on Saturday 12 August.

The reason for creating an additional class is simple.

Our Tuesday and Thursday classes are getting full.

Sometimes we are over 20 students on the mats and we have limited space to train.

At the same time, we have 7 people on the waiting list which was started around last June.

So I hope that students will take the opportunity to add an extra day of training.

Also, if they miss out on the week nights training, they can also catch up on Saturday.

I do not really want to call it a beginner class as it is open to all level.

But the topic on Saturday will be the review on the fundamentals of the week.

More advanced student can join to help the white belts or they can just choose to "quietly" drill their techniques on the side.

Of course, anyone is more than welcome to still attend open mats at Atos if they choose to.

I am excited about this new class and I think we are the only club that offer a class taught by a black belt on a Saturday. Most clubs would just have an open mats instead.

Make use of it as I will stop it if the attendance is too low.

The long term goal is increase our numbers of student without overcrowding the mats,

Otherwise, come tomorrow and support your team mate competing.

See you on the mats and thank for the support.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Training report: 1/2 guard sweeps

This week, we covered sweeps from the 1/2 guard.

It is vital position to study as it is last resort before getting your guard passed.

Next week topic will be the turtle position.

I will be teaching the beginner class at the Dojo from 11 am while Ben and the rest of the Judokas from our sister club will be competing at the Auckland Judo Open.

But you can also attend open mats at Atos.

Also this week, we received delivery of our pre ordered t shirts and hoodies.

Please do not forget to sign up for the National Gi competition which is held on Saturday 05 August.

The attendance seems to be dropping a bit so we are looking at opening our doors for potential new students in the month of August.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Bucklands Beach BJJ and MMA has new dojo location and a website

If you live in the east Auckland and want to train BJJ, check Andy's club as he opened his new club.

Please see below link for more information.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Training report: 1/2 guard passes and 50/50 with straight ankles lock variations

This week, we covered the topic of top half guard for the beginners.

Stuart taught the 50/50 position with some variation of the straight ankle locks

He started a you tube library for this specific interest.

So click on the below link for more information.

Otherwise, I got another 12 small embroidered patches for sale at $5 each.

Another 12 bigger embroidered patches for sale at $25 each.

We still have lot of the screen print back patch for $10 each.

We are still waiting for the t shirt and hoodies to be manufactured (pre ordered only).

You can register online for the National Gi competition.

Any plans for the weekend?

 3 options for training this weekend. Saturday - Beginners Judo at Epsom from 11am with Ben. Open mats at Atos (City Bjj) from 10am followed with lunch at Mercury plaza for the hungry and on Sunday AucklandMMA in Pakuranga is hosting advanced Open mats from 11am-1pm.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Registrations for NZ Grappler Gi Nationals are now open

Copied from Laurance post on our FB group:

"Registrations for NZ Grappler Gi Nationals are now open.
The event is being held at ASB Kohimarama Stadium on the 5th of August.
Early bird Pricing is $60 for adults and $50 for kids. After the 30th of July these prices increase $10. The club will refund you half the early bird entry fee if you decide to compete.
Also for any Blue or Purple Belts that compete there is an option for the absolute devision which is an extra $20 if you want an extra challenge.
Winner of the Purple, Brown and Black Belt Absolute will receive a big shiny belt oppose to the Medal
You have 3 weeks to prepare if you are competing so you should be working on you're game plan and fitness at this point.
The club does not recommend cutting weight for the day unless you are very close to the devision below you, in the case put down that pie and go for a run.
If any white belts are curious about competing have a chat to Serge, Stu or any higher belts and we will be happy to give you advice or help you out.
It is a fun day and the club usually has a good turn out on the day so there is always lots of support and coaching on the Mats."

Friday, 14 July 2017

Training report: Guard Sweeps and straight ankle lock

On Tuesday, Stu taught sweeps fundamentals while the advanced students drilled guard sweep.

On Thursday which was very cold, we merged the class and we taught the straight ankle lock.

The Nationals GI competition is on Saturday 5 August and the registration is now open online.

As usual, the club will refund half of the entry fee on the day of the event and we will have a prize money of $100 for the competitor that get the most submission. In case of the draw, we will split the prize money.

At the last competition, we had 9 competitors and the club refunded over $300 of entries fee.

Get your cardio up by running and you should be on weight for the event, do not try to cut weight on the last week as it is not worth it.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Training report: Guard pass fundamentals and Single Leg X guard pass for advanced

This week, we covered guard pass.

For the beginners, we taught the principles of breaking the closed guard (standing and on the knees), knees slices.

For the advanced students, on Tuesday we covered the long step pass against the de la riva guard. This specific guard pass is excellent against people that grip the pants with the de la riva hook.

On Thursday, Stu covered guard passes against the single leg X guard.

He also created a play list with 6 videos for your perusal.

Single X guard is a difficult hard guard to pass and therefore is very popular at the moment, especially as it easily lead into the straight ankle lock and the notorious Ashi garame position

Guard Fundamentals:

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Training Report: Guard Submissions

This week, the fundamental program was based on guard submissions.

Stuart covered the "trilogy" of the guard subs: arm bar, triangle and omoplata.

For the advanced group, we continued with "less is more" concept.

Basically, it is time to stop teaching techniques all the time and try to replicate the seminar scheme by teaching a multitude  of techniques that no one remembers.

So we let our advanced students drills techniques for a specific positions and they can drill their favorites techniques.

For example, this week, it was guard subs, guard passes, guard sweeps, mount subs and mount escape.

For out takedown portion, same concept. Stuart taught a Judo throw to the beginners and the advanced students get to do Uchikomi which is just drill their favorite throws.

Open mats at Atos / City BJJ was fun and we had 6 members attending their open mats on Saturday.

Next week we teaching guard pass for beginner and Serge will teach the long step pass against the de la riva .

We are still taking pre order for the t shirts and the hoodies. I was only t shirts pre order but I might as well do the hoodies as well before winter is over. The hoodies will be $30. They will not be any known brand but I rather keep the cost low instead of buying some more expansive brand which is just too expansive.

See you on the mats.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Overview for the next 6 weeks

For the next 6 weeks, the fundamentals program will be all about the guard.

Guard Subs for this week then guard passes, guard sweeps, top 1/2 guard, bottom 1/2 guard.

Also, we have the National GI competition on Saturday 05 August 2017.

For the competitors, it means you need to start adjusting your diet if you want to lose some weight.

We do not want anyone to try to cut on the last week prior of the event.

Also, try doing some cardio: go for a run etc..

As usual for the competition , we will refund 1/2 entry fees of our competitions and have $100 prize money for the competitor that get the most submissions on the day.

We have some T shirts sample to try out if you want to place an order.

They are $20 each.

Also, we have some screen printed patches for sale ($10) each.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Training report: North South Position and internal competition

This week, we taught North South position which is not rewarded any points under IBJJF position
unless you use it to establish guard pass.

Therefore it often a position that needs to train a lot for.
Also, this week we had a little fun night with an internal team competition with some prices brought from Stuart (from his Judo competition trip in Japan).

The new embroidery patches are now available.

The small one is $5 and the big one is $25.

For cash flow issue, I will only do pre order for the big patch.

Also, the screen print patches are getting ready and they will be $10.

We are using the same person printman that did the hammerhead t shirt and hammerhead screen print patches.

We will be taking orders for t shirts and hoodies as well.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The blog is now 4 years old

Facebook is super cool and just reminded me that our blog Aucklandbjj,com started exactly 4 years

A few screens shots of the some stats to celebrate

238,688 views so far

The article called the curse of the blue belt has 9590 views so far and is our top post.

79722 pages were viewed from New Zealand
Second one was USA with 50111 views.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Training report: Knee on the Belly

Knee on the belly position is rewarded by 2 points.

It is a devastating position as it created pressure for your opponent to force him to make a mistake and create opening for submission.

On Saturday, I went to the seminar of Andre Galvao and got him to autograph his book called drills to win.

I will covering the techniques from the seminar through semester 2.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Training report: Less is more

The beginners did side control: 2 escapes and the kimura trap
While the advance guys did the exorcist sub and drilling on Thursday.

Also this semester we are introducing the Uchikomi systems.

It means that you already know a throw and want to drill it, you just drill it.

Meanwhile if you do not any throw, you still can learn the throw of the week.

We also making a change for our advance class as I want to stop introducing new techniques as the national gi competition in 7 weeks and let them drill techniques that they already know.

Less is more.

Graduation pictures