Friday, 22 December 2017

Foresight on Year 2018

To start, I would like to wish a merry X-mas and and an happy new year to our readers, students and our supporters.

I know it sounds cliche but it seems that every year is better than the last year. We have a great team and enjoy a real friendly camaderie.

The end of a semester and of the year is always an exciting moment as we take time to reflect on the
past year, get feedback and suggestions in order to create the next training program for the following semester.

It is actually a very simple task to do once you write down the days we teach and the dates of available competitions.

At the moment, we just follow the NZ grappler competition dates available in Auckland as we have no intention to travel across the country to attend smaller events.
There were some events that attracted us this year but unfortunately most of them decided to not follow IBJJF competitions rules and allow things like knee reaping and dangerous leg lock.

So we will start training on Tuesday 09 January 2018 and the first target is the National NOGI competition which is Saturday 7 April.
It is just only 13 weeks to prepare knowing that we only do nogi training Tuesday but people can roll nogi on Thursday as well.

Once the nogi National competition, the nogi season would be finished and we will train GI on Tuesday and Thursday.
The next focus is the GI Regional competition which is on Saturday 12 May.
It is just five weeks after the NOGI Nationals.
So there is not much time to prepare.

Semester 1 will be 24 weeks long as we want 2 repetitions of our 12 weeks fundamentals.

At the moment, we are looking at graduation on Thursday 21 June.

There is a plan to endorse our first affiliate club in March 2018.
Having this affiliated club will be a good fit as they specialize in teaching kids from 5-12 years old.
Of course, I can see them growing to an older demographic with time as their students will get older.

We are looking at options to move out of our current location if it is viable AS we have reached maximum capacity for at least two year.
One of the reason for such success is our student retention is really good.
Also, we are the cheapest in town and we have a no contract policy.
The result is that we are turning students away unfortunately.
But we give priority to quality and not quantity.
It is better to not be over crowed the mats to ensure a good ratio of teachers and students, rolling time and safety on the mats.
But we are keeping our eyes and ears open for an opportunity to move, we would prefer buying a location rather than leasing.
Moving to lease would just means more customers but also more expenses (like mats, lease and operating expenditure).

Also, Stu will become an official IBJJF black belt 2 degrees by the end of 2018.
It means that he will be able to promote students to black belt as he will be able to endorse their application to the IBJJF if they choose to get their membership or certification.
He will have to do an IBJJF referee course next year.
So if you want to compete in the Pan Pacific in Melbourne next year, start saving for your trip.
It is usually held in November.

In the long term plan, that will be a major achievement as it finally consolidate our independence from having to be affiliated to anyone else (apart the IBJJF).
It means we do not have to pay affiliation fees, have to host seminars and have to fly someone else to promote our paying customers at an additional cost at their expenses.

Also, we suggest to all our purple belts students and upwards to get their IBJJF membership card.
It is not necessary but they will need one to compete in IBJJF events overseas.
It is also easier to get your membership sorted at purple belt level instead of waiting later on at black belt level for example.

Monday, 18 December 2017

Training report: Guard submissions and Single leg X gaurd

Last week, Stu taught the trinity of the guard subs which are Triangle, arm bar and omoplata in the
fundamental Tuesday class. Serge covered 2 entries to single X guard: one for shin to shin guard and one from a standing leg takedown.

On Thursday night, Stu continued on the single leg X guard topic by adding a guard pass and also taught a knee bar from the kiss of the dragon move from reverse de la riva.
Serge covered some more fundamental arm bar, arm bar defense, cross choke and cross choke defense.

Please note that we no longer have BJJ Saturday class.

Please note that last class for the year is Thursday 21 December 2017.

We will restart on Tuesday 09 January 2018.

Thank you for the support.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

2018 NZ Grappler Time table

As usual, we base our teaching program on the type of competition format and their dates available in our area.

So next year, we will still train nogi on Tuesday to prepare for the NOGI Nationals held on the Saturday 07 April 2018 in Auckland by NZ grappler

That will also mark the end of our nogi season as we will start training gi on-wards to prepare for the Gi Regional which will be held on Saturday 12 May 2018 in Auckland by NZ grappler.

We will have our graduation for semester 1 on the first week of June.

The competitions for semester 2 will be the National BJJ GI on Saturday 11 August 2018 and  BJJ NOGI on Saturday 13 October 2018.

BJJ Saturday classes are cancelled from now on

We are stopping the Saturday classes from now on-wards.

You can still attend the Judo class on Saturday.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Training report: Graduation 2017

Traditionally, we host graduation on the first week of December.

It is usually held during a normal class which falls on Thursday as it is a Gi class.

We will also have our X-mas party at Stu house where we will make some wood fire pizza and eat about 10 kilos of oysters. Beer and Kava will also be provided.

In our club, graduation is very simple.
The graduates demonstrate a couple of techniques.
It is not a test but more an opportunity to show off their skills and put them on the front stage so to speak.
Then we have open mats for sparring for about 45 minutes.
Of course, we complete the ceremony with giving belts and stripes.

Oh, I forgot the pizzas, garlic bread and chips ordered from Domino pizzas and the beers.

Overall, good fun at the club.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Training report: Back Control and Kimura Trap

Last week, we covered the back position for the fundamentals and Kimura trap for the more advanced

The Kimura Trap System was made popular by Mr Avellan.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Next project: MMA shorts and Rash Guard

I am organizing an order for rash guards and grappling short with a supplier in Pakistan.

The minimum is 20 pieces per item.

So we are looking at 20 rash guard and 20 grappling shorts at the moment.

I do not know the final price as I would need to add the freight to the cost price in order to work it out. And we will not know the freight cost until we have the final weight and dims.

But so far, I think it would $40 or under per item which seems to be a good price.

Now I am leaning towards long sleeves because it seems that what most people wear at training.

Size wise.

I would suggest people to order one size up for rash guard just in case but I also put the dimensions as well under the pictures.

I will print them as well and bring them to the dojo.

There will not be rash guard based on color belt (well unless you are a blue belt).

Dates for your calendar

Sunday 03 December

Internal Judo Competition at our sister club Auckland University Judo Club and also Rick Littlewood Sensei birthday.
We will have friendly competition with "old school Kosen Judo" rules. that is pulling guard and grabbing the legs is allowed.
We will cover the rules and mimic this style for the next couple of weeks.
All level welcome.
Remember that it is on Sunday.
Location: Epsom Dojo

Thursday 07 December

During our class from 6 pm to 8 pm.
Graduation for end of the semester 2 - 2017.

We will have domino pizzas, garlic bread, chicken wings, soft drink and beers just like last graduation.

Location: Epsom Dojo

Saturday 09 December

Pizza party at Stu house for our end of the year
Stu has a firewood oven pizza.
We will provide with the dough, sauce, cheese, kava and beers.

Just bring your own topping and become a master chef at making pizza.

The event is during the day/ afternoon.

More information to follow.

We likely to start a facebook event.

Location: Stu house which is in Onehunga.

Classes in December

Last class for the year will be Thursday 21 December and we will have a break between Xmas and New Year. We can also attend the Judo classes as they continue during the holidays.

First class for 2018: Tuesday 09 January

Additional new website address

We moved to Epsom dojo about 4 years ago.
As we decided to have an internet presence to promote our club but we could not come up with a name.
Rick Littlewood Sensei came up with this brilliant marketing insight of how people looks up for BJJ classes: "Just be Auckland BJJ or BJJ Auckland as it is what people type in their google search".

We have been promoting our link to start with, we even moved to as well.
But we also have address from day one as well which is now linked.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Happy Birthday

We started our classes in 07/11/2011.

The club is now 6 years old.

Time flies.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Training report: Mount and butterfly guard

For fundamentals, we taught the position of mount with a couple of escapes and submissions.

For advanced, Serge taught the butterfly guard on Tuesday. The butterfly guard suits the nogi game and he taught some basic one hook butterfly sweep made popular by Marcelo Garcia. We also looked on how it can link to single X guard and deep half guard.

On Thursday, Stu taught some turn over from Turtle to the advanced class.

Next week topic is back.

See you on the mats.

Do not forget that we still have one more class on Saturday from 10 am to 11 am.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Training report: Questions & Answers

The topic of Questions & Answers is a great way to get feedback on our teaching program.

The students can ask questions about techniques or concepts that we do not cover in our 12 weeks program or maybe on something that they have missed out.

This week question was on how to defend the hip bump sweep, finishes from the mount (such as the gift wrap), we also introduced the single X guard and straight ankle lock on Thursday.
We continued this topic on Saturday class.

blog about the gift wrap

Please note that graduation is on Thursday 07 December during our normal class.

Our last class for the year will be Saturday 23 December 2018

We will restart on Tuesday 9 January 2018

Also, Auckland Kids BJJ has started their classes in their Grey Lynn location.

If you have kids from 5-12 years and you want them to train BJJ next year, it would a good opportunity to contact the instructor and join before the new year rush as there will be limited space.

For more information, please check out their website on

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Training report: the lockdown and turtle position

Last week, we covered the position of the turtle for fundamentals and went over the bottom half
guard sweeps for advanced.

The turtle position is the last position in 12 weeks program.

Turtle position is not rewarded by points and only an advantage if you force someone to turtle up to avoid a guard pass.

if a person turtles up to avoid getting down like a snap down or an arm guard, it could be considered a takedown.

 Any reversal from turtle would not be reward any points.

Lot of people are making the confusion as they could be a change of position and it could be mistaken as a sweep.

There is also some people that call it the turtle guard to add more to the confusion.

The lockdown is a great bottom half guard who was made popular by Eddie Bravo (creator of the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu).

We study sweeps from the lockdown such as the entry know as the whip up, old school sweep, plan B and the electric chair.

This week, we will be doing questions and answers which is a great way to get feedback on our program and get the students to ask questions outside our curriculum or inside our curriculum in case they miss a particular class or need to go more into details.

See you on the mats.

Friday, 27 October 2017

New BJJ kids club in Auckland

Adam Evans has started his BJJ classes for kids at a new location.

Age range: 5-12 years old.


Tuesday: 4.30-5.30 pm
Saturday: 10.00-11 am.


Koshinkai Aikido Dojo

38 Monmouth Street
Grey Lynn

Please contact him directly for more information.

Adam Evans

020 412 29618

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Message to our purple belts

Message to the purple belts,

It came to our attention that it would more practical for you to become a member of the IBJJF before
getting promoted to black belt.

That is if you are planning to get your black belt certified by the IBJJF when the time comes.

We do not force our students to be IBJJF certified or members of the IBJJF.

Stuart and myself are IBJJF black belt certified (first degree) and our club is IBJJF registered.

So if you are satisfied to be promoted to black belt level by our instructors, that is fine and we are ok with it.

As you can always go under our umbrella and your students and so and so on.

But you are contemplating that one day you would like to be IBJJF black belt certified, then it is more practical to start this process by getting your membership from purple belt to start with.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Training report: half guard

For the past 2 weeks, we covered the half guard system.

The first week, we teach half guard passes and on week 2 we teach half guard sweeps.

The position of half guard is the position that we cover the most in our program.

We do 4 weeks for half guard per semester. Hence 8 weeks in a year.

We also try to incorporate the 10th planet Jiu Jitsu system made famous by their founder Eddie Bravo.

Inaugural fund raising for Variety (The children's charity) run by Buckland Beach BJJ

Congratulation to Andy Medcalf and his club for running this fund raising last 7 October 2017.

It was a charity event and any level, from any club were welcome along. 
Nogi training was also encouraged as it was held one week before the nogi regional event.

They roll for 6 hours to raise as much money, and awareness for the children's charity Variety, which raises money for the disadvantage Kiwi kids.

It was great to Laurance, Dom, James and Jackie from our club participating.

If you want to train BJJ, check out their website 

or their facebook page

Great instructor and good atmosphere with a location by the beach.

We will keep you updated on their next fund raising plan.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Club policy

We do subscribe to the idea that learning BJJ is just another commodity like getting someone to mow your lawns or which grocery market you shop at. 

Yes, you pay for your training in modern Schools. 

Believe me when I tell you that what you are paying for is what for the service and that both our instructors are a full time jobs outside our club.

If someone tries to tell you that they are running a BJJ gym and they are not making a profit and they are just breaking even with expenses.
They could be lying to you.
To start with, if they are not making a profit.
Then maybe it is a sign that their gym is a failure and time to bail out and seek to train in somewhere else's gym.

BJJ is dream for self starter and people that dreams to become entrepreneur.
The reason is simple. 
You will always find an instructor willing to affiliate with you and in return make your gym look legit.
The further away is the "head" instructor, the better.

Hell,, I even know of white belts that started their gym by affiliating to an instructor that lived overseas and could only meet twice a year.
Needless to say that such white belts could have chosen from the dozen of black belt available in his countries or maybe one of the 3 black belts available in his city.

To add salt to their wound, many gyms are replicating some really weird practice.
Calling their members as family members, not letting them train somewhere in fear that they realise that their service could be subpar.
Trying to convince others that they all the source of knowledge and they should be respected for it.
Get of your high horses, many of them claimed to fame is just opening an affiliate gym, got a quick blue belt in return and just leading his members into becoming a cash cow for the head affiliate and even cancelling classes during the week in order to host more seminars.

This is just a club and not a cult. 

We do not expect you to to commit to as family.

Enjoy our training program, team and instructors.

We encourage and welcome cross training. 

We only have 150 classes per year, if you need or train at other gyms, best of luck.

I think it is important to not discourage cross training, it is not vital but can be a good learning method for many.

If you want cross train or have a friend that that want to visit, you are welcome as long as you are willing to follow IBJJF rules.

We will not charge as long as you are already a full time member paying your fees at your respective club....

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Meet our members

Member of the week: 

Mr Linjan Chen.

Mr Chen started our program about 4 years ago when we moved to the Epsom location. 
His attendance is remarkable and he averages 6.5 hours of training per week (Bjj and Judo included). 
Thank you for the support.

Meet our member

I forgot to post that 2 weeks ago.

Member of the week. 

This is Igor Goulart. 

He originates from Rio de Janeiro - Brasil.

He is one of the hybrids that cross train in both martial at our sister Auckland University Judo Club. 

He is a black belt in Judo and purple belt in Bjj. 

One of his favorite Judo throw is called seo nage. 

Thank you for the support.

Competition and Training report

This week topic was 1/2 guard passes.

On Saturday, 6 competitors entered the No Regional BJJ competition organised by the NZ grappler.

The club refunded 1/2 of the entry fee of our competitors which it only costed them $30-35 to compete.

Also, Marcio and Callum shared the prize money of $100 for the most submission as they has one submission each.

The club shouted a "few" jugs of beers and pizzas at the Zookepper son in Royal Oak (after competition venue). Shots of tequila were great but gave me a massive hang over the next day.

Callum suggested to add some competition before the Nogi Regionals.

In terms of result, the team did really well. 6 competitors: 3 medals.

Due the double elimination format which NZ grappler only uses for the Regional event, the team got to have at least 2 matched each and everyone got lot of valuable experience.

The most important part is no one got injured (well apart some cauliflower worsening).

Next week, we will covering 1/2 guard sweeps.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Reinventing the wheel

This the second time I heard of BJJ competitions held in NZ, that are trying to mimic ADCC rules.

Literally, they are NOT following the IBJJF rules which is the standards of BJJ competitions.

Both competitions will be held in remote places in NZ which is great to promote the sport at grass roots level but the question is why using or more like allowing lot of techniques that already banned in IBJJF rules.

Why are they trying the reinvent the wheel?

If the IBJJF has banned specific techniques (even at black belt level), one would think it was due to trial and errors or more like injuries after injuries.

And even if someone managed to win such competitions with the ADDC style of rules, what is next?

Can they enter other competitions in NZ?

Are they on purpose alienating most of the competitors by offering such rules?

Training report: Sweeps and IBJJ rules

On Tuesday night, we covered IBJJF rules for the Regional NOGI competition.

On Thursday, Serge taught some sweeps like hip bump sweep and scissor sweeps.
They go very well with Kimura and Cross chokes.

Some links about IBJJF rules

Friday, 29 September 2017

Meet our member

As we have now over 30 members, 
I thought it would a good idea to randomly introduce each one on a weekly basis. 

This is Andre Fitisemanu. 

"Dre" is the first blue belt from our program. He help us start our new club in Onehunga in 2011. 

I admire his half guard game. 

Thank you for the support. 

Especially at the start when it was maybe just 4-6 guys training in David Tua cage. 
Which only has less of 1 inches padding.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Positive Feedack

I run out of time on the weekend to write up our weekly training report.

We did guard submissions.

As I am watching people training and improving, I realise that I do not often say how much the members are improving.

I received positive feedback from students that came to visit after a lapse of training and I just wanted to pass on the compliments.

As an instructor, we tend to think that the students are improving really well because we are such great instructors and our training program is excellent.

But who am I kidding?

The fact is that we do not chose our students, it is the other way around.

Students choose their instructors.

We put our blog and write report, we tried to be active on social media like Facebook and lately on Instagram.

But I think the most important things (that keep attracting and retaining our students) are the camaderie and the positive social environment in our club. I really enjoy watching how welcoming our students are to new members.

Don’t get me wrong.

Training Jiu Jitsu is not easy.

You can lower your fees so they are more affordable, you can decide to not have contracts but it does not guarantee success.

As you still have to come train, learn and spar 3 times a week.

Also, I am very happy that I am now teaching on Saturday. I do not know of any gyms in NZ that has their black belt instructor taking class on Saturday.

Usually, it is only open mats.

Make use of it and get that one more fundamental class to compliment your Tuesday and Thursday classes.

Otherwise, just keep doing the good work.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Training report: North South Position

This week, we did nogi in a cold Tuesday night.

Thursday night was quieter as usual but we train Gi.

The topic of North South is really interesting to teach because there is no perfect escapes in my opinion. It is mostly about anticipating and trying to avoid getting stocked underneath.

We will be teaching guard subs next week.

See you on the mats.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Nogi Season starting and training report: Knee on Belly

This week, we covered the topic of knee on the belly for the fundamentals.

For advanced, we did a transition from de la riva guard to single x guard and also covered the de la riva X guard which made on the come back at the last World IBJJF Masters Competition.

Tuesday night is still our most popular night and Thursday seems to always be quieter.

I am still teaching the Saturday class.
The attendance is smaller than the week night.
The benefit is that I can concentrate on each students a lot more compare to a bigger group format.

Joelle, Mr Chen and myself also attended the Judo beginner class right after our Saturday class.

Now Regional Nogi is on Saturday 14 October so we have about 5 weeks to prepare.

Bring your nogi uniform if you have one for the Tuesday class.
If you do not have one, just wear your gi pants and a rash guard.
A T-shirt is not suitable as it would get torn.

See you on the mats.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Training report: Side Control and kiss of the dragon

This week, we covered side control for the fundamentals.

For advanced, we did reverse de la riva and the Biejao aka kiss of the dragon.

The topic of next week is Knee on the belly

The Saturday class are not really growing in numbers but we are getting a good mix of students of all levels.

I also took the opportunity to stay for the Judo class and learn Tai otoshi throws and practise my breakfall techniques by sparring with several Judokas.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Training report: back control

Back position is one the most devastating position in jiu jitsu. It equals for 4
points and create a multitude amount of submissions.

The nogi regional organised by NZ grappler has been confirmed for Saturday 14 October.

However, we are not planning to to do specific nogi classes as it too cold.

So if you want to spar, just take off your gi jacket if you want to do some nogi sparring. Well assuming that you are wearing a rash guard.

Saturday class had 8  students, 2 purples belts, 2 blue belts and 4 white belts

Next week topic is side control.

Monday, 21 August 2017

How to train smart and improve your bjj skills (part one - long read)

Due to new intake of new students, I thought it would be relevant to blog about how

to train properly in order to improve (efficiency) your skills quickly and avoid some of the normal pitfalls.

Learn the name of the positions and techniques. Most of them are English and are not to hard to understand. You can watch some relevants you tube videos and read our training report.

Go to Judo classes and learn how to throw. You have the unique opportunity to attend up to 4 classes per  week. It is free for our members.

Do not midget wrestle, once we start rolling also called newaza, we expect one person to play guard and the other to attempt to pass. We stars from our knees but it does not mean we fight for take from our knees. If you to fight for takedown, just enter tge 3 rounds of tachiwaza which is usually done at the beginning of the one hour of sparring.

In our club, we do not bother matching up sparring partners.
It has its pro and cons.
However, due to the increase of members I need people to train smart.
We have sometimes over 20 people training and can only have a maximum of 6 pairs on the mats for rolling.
Try to partner with people of similar weight and skills as often as possible.
I do want light guys wasting their rounds rolling with heavier guys if they can find someone else of similar weight instead. You need to be self fish and look after your own improvement.

Now we don't let newbies roll against each others for safety reason. So we expect the higher belts to invite them for a roll. Please remember that everyone was a beginner and be a good role model.

Once you start rolling, usually the more advanced player will play guard and your job is to pass and try to score some points. Once again, try to learn the points system and try to keep the scoring points in your head. I know it is easier than done, but it the most efficient way to improve. Do not be that headless chicken spazzing all over the mats. Roll with a purpose.

Once you score your guard pass, hold it for 20 seconds and look to either improve your position by getting to a more dominant position and score or just attempt a submission.

If your training partner is clueless and less advanced, just work on your B game and defense by putting yourself in a bad position.

Do not coach during rolling, keep it quiet and wait until the end of the roll to talk and give a few pointers if you feel like. We have limited rolling time and mats space so take to the side on the mats after your roll.

Do NOT coach from the side on the mats. You can give some words of encouragement but that is it.

Give way to higher belts when your roll. However, if you are higher belt, I would still expect to use common sense and reset accordingly if you can see some empty space on the mats.

We also give to our female training partners regardless of belt rank.

Learn a guard system. It is simple. Just find one guard that you like. It is usually linked to a sweep. I will give you an example. My first guard was closed guard and hip bump sweep. It took several months of attempt and failure until I started getting good at it. I became so good at it that my training partners became aware of it and started developing counters to it. It sharpened that particular technique but also led me to develop another sweep to surprise my training partners.

Technical warfare.
If everyone is improving, you are improving.

As a good training partner, it makes sense to let your team mate set up his favorite guard or whatever he/she currently working on.

To be continued.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Training report: mount and Jay wins a silver medal at Judo

This week, we covered topic of the mount for fundamental.
We covered single x guard for advanced.

Also, we had our second class on Saturday.

We have about 4 new members from our August.
Please note that we still are waiting a visit from the remaining people on the waiting list.

Jay won a silver medal at the Judo competition.

We will be teaching the position of back control this week and lasso guard for advanced.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Training report: Questions and Answers and new Saturday class

This week, we completed out 12 weeks program by having questions  and answers.
It is a great way for students to ask questions and also it gives us a feedback on what is missing in our program.
As you know, it is already difficult to cover everything in our curriculum so 4 times per year, we have a questions and answers to fill that gap.

This week has also been a week full of excitement as we added a new class on Saturday.

We have not taken any new students since June and decided to have a waiting list instead for August.

Since our Tuesday and Thursday classes average 15-20 students, it was a good idea to add an additional class on Saturday in order to take in more members and compensate for the new intake.

The Saturday class is only 1 hour long which is just enough to cover the topic of the fundamental which we teach in the particular week.

Therefore, it is great for the beginners to get that third class to cover the same topic or just catch up in case they missed a class or two.

Saturday class is open to all level and the advanced students can attend and help out the beginners with the fundamentals. It will be a good refresher course for them but they also do their own training on the side as long as they don't disturb the class.

Otherwise, the advanced students can always attend the open mats at Atos.

Now, you might think that one hour is not enough, but we have the great opportunity to jump into the following class which starts at 11 am and is usually taught by Ben: Judo Beginner Class.

You can attend all the Judo classes as it is already included in your club fees.

Traditionally we have 2 promotions per year: June and December.
This week, we broke protocol and promoted Marcio to Blue belt.
 Marcio won silver medal at the National Gi competition.
He usually competes at Master division but he jumped into the adult division and did very well.

We also have another 2 blue belts that did very well but we have to wait until they complete the 2 year minimum period that is an IBJJF requirement.

Buckland Beach BJJ is doing a roll marathon on Saturday 7 October from 10 am to 4 pm.
It is a great way to roll with different people and fund raise for a good cause.
The club will match your donation if you want to attend.

Check out their facebook page and website.