Saturday, 24 June 2017

Training report: North South Position and internal competition

This week, we taught North South position which is not rewarded any points under IBJJF position
unless you use it to establish guard pass.

Therefore it often a position that needs to train a lot for.
Also, this week we had a little fun night with an internal team competition with some prices brought from Stuart (from his Judo competition trip in Japan).

The new embroidery patches are now available.

The small one is $5 and the big one is $25.

For cash flow issue, I will only do pre order for the big patch.

Also, the screen print patches are getting ready and they will be $10.

We are using the same person printman that did the hammerhead t shirt and hammerhead screen print patches.

We will be taking orders for t shirts and hoodies as well.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The blog is now 4 years old

Facebook is super cool and just reminded me that our blog Aucklandbjj,com started exactly 4 years

A few screens shots of the some stats to celebrate

238,688 views so far

The article called the curse of the blue belt has 9590 views so far and is our top post.

79722 pages were viewed from New Zealand
Second one was USA with 50111 views.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Training report: Knee on the Belly

Knee on the belly position is rewarded by 2 points.

It is a devastating position as it created pressure for your opponent to force him to make a mistake and create opening for submission.

On Saturday, I went to the seminar of Andre Galvao and got him to autograph his book called drills to win.

I will covering the techniques from the seminar through semester 2.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Training report: Less is more

The beginners did side control: 2 escapes and the kimura trap
While the advance guys did the exorcist sub and drilling on Thursday.

Also this semester we are introducing the Uchikomi systems.

It means that you already know a throw and want to drill it, you just drill it.

Meanwhile if you do not any throw, you still can learn the throw of the week.

We also making a change for our advance class as I want to stop introducing new techniques as the national gi competition in 7 weeks and let them drill techniques that they already know.

Less is more.

Graduation pictures

Auckland BJJ Graduation June 2017

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Training report: Back position and X guard

This week, our beginner students continued our 12 week rotational fundamental program with
learning how to retain the back, escape the back control and a few submissions from back control.

For our advanced students, we covered the 50/50 guard.
It is vital to learn this guard as it can used to stall a lot and therefore you need to learn how to pass it. I would not suggest 50/50 as a primary guard option but it needs to be study to be an all around.

Leading the charge

In this picture, you can see Stuart certificates.
He is now a certified first degree black belt from the IBJJF and a Nidan (second degree) in Judo.

Stuart qualifications symbolize our club.

It is no secret that we teach out of the Auckland University Judo club. see their website for details

or facebook page

The Judo club is currently looking for new members so check them out if you want to learn an Olympic martial art.

Our BJJ and Judo students can train together and the cost for 6 days of training is $20 per week.

Students that cross train are nicknamed the hybrids and currently we have 4 Judo black belt attending our BJJ classes.

Both our instructors are now  black belt 1 degree certified by the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation.

However, we decided to not raise our fees accordingly as our goal is to remain as an amateur BJJ club with a strong influence of Judo.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Waiting List

On Thursday 01 June, we are concluding our first semester with a graduation.

As we already have reach our quota of new beginners for semester 2, we will start a waiting list and might have a new intake in August.
Or in case, we have a vacancy with a student leaving the club.

We will make exceptions for advanced students (blue belt and above) and women (as Sophie and Victoria need female training partners.

If you are already training in semester 1, you are already included in semester 2.

Also, the doors are always open to our old students.

Send us an email if you are interested.

We keep this policy to ensure a good quality of teaching and training on the mats.

Training report: Questions and Answers and Single X guard

This week, we were to have a question and answers topic but we covered the position of mount

The reason is that we have 3 new students in the beginner class and it made more sense to cover this topic instead of addressing some potential questions on BJJ that they have not learned as yet.

So Serge taught 2 mounts escapes and 2 submission from mount while Stuart taught single X guard to the advanced students.

We are winding down for the semester after the Regional GI competition and the graduation is just around the corner; Thursday 01 June.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Training report: Half guard sweep and X guard

The beginners continued on their 2 weeks program of half guard.
This week, they learned how sweep from the half guard.
The advance students learned x guard and the kimura trap.

Please note that the last day for registering for the competition is on Wednesday 10 May.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Special Discount Offer

We already have 2 police officers training at our club and we offer them 25% discount on their fees.
If you are a police officer and would like to learn and train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, come down for a free class and you might want to stay and take the opportunity to use this specific discount.

Friday, 28 April 2017

Training report: Top half guard and spider guard

This week, we entered the topic of the half guard game by introducing our beginners to the top half
guard fundamentals and 3 half guard passes.
Next week, we will cover the bottom half guard and sweeps.
The reason why we teach top half guard pass before half sweep is very simple.
Half guard pass is rewarded by 3 points while the sweep is just rewarded by 2 points.

For the advanced students, we covered the spider guard pass.
We will cover X guard next

And also do some competition training for the Regionals

Do not forget to register online as it closes on the 10/05/17

Thursday, 27 April 2017

The real Auckland BJJ please stand up

"May I have your attention please?
May I have your attention please?
Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
I repeat will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
We're going to have a problem here"

Years ago when the first BJJ gyms opened up in Auckland.

There were several major trends on how to name your business.

One was to buy into the affiliation system and use someone brand as it is so convenient. 
All you had to do is fly in your black belt every 6 months. 
Make your students pay more for the seminars by making it compulsory. 
How to make it compulsory? 
if you do not attend the seminar, no promotion!
The business owner in return will eventually graduate to black belt after many years of loyal service and can choose to break ties with his affiliate program but why bother! 
Why break something that is functioning well.

The other was to cut ties from whatever instructors or team your belong to and plaster your own name on the new logo. 
It is vain and ego centric just to think about it. 
I just classify as same as a blue belt creating an athlete facebook page or a person asking for money so he can go on holidays at the IBJJF world cup to attend a competition which you do not have to qualify for.

When we moved from Onehunga to the Epsom Dojo, I was contemplating our new location and how it could impact your brand name. 
After, it is not like we were attracting lot of people from our old and non-current affiliation program.
I was distraught at the though of starting again a brand name with our new location (knowing that it could be only temporary and will move again in a few years).

And that is why Sensei Rick came up with this genious idea:"How do the kids look for BJJ nowday?"They type the world Auckland and BJJ in google and voila!
He told us to buy the website and start blogging.
This is how was created
After 2 weeks, we were on page 3 of google, a few month later we were at the top of page 1.

I guess it is a smart SEO move.

Once we became independent in 2015 and were no longer affiliated, we just registered Auckland BJJ with the IBJJF to make it official.

The ironic part is that I noticed that others gyms have caught on our little SEO exercise.

Gyms that use their affiliation name or their own name are now adding these 2 words a lot more on their website that they use to.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Training report: Tomoe Nage, guard sweep and sit up guard

The throw of the week was Tomoe nage. It is great throw to use when you can fake a guard pull and
end up throwing your opponent instead.

Guard sweep is rewarded by 2 points under IBJJF rules.

The sit up guard is the continuation of the de la riva guard which is great when your opponent is trying to control your non de la riva hook. Just like the de la riva guard, you rely on grips (such as belt, lapel or belt). But unlike the de la riva guard, your back is off the mat making this guard a lot more dynamic as it is lot easier to complete the single leg takedown if you choose too once your opponent is putting his weight back to avoid the sweep.

The club will be open for class on public holiday Anzac Day from 6 pm as usual.

Topic for the week will be Kouchi Gari, Top half guard pass, spider guard.

Please note that the BJJ regional competition is on Saturday 13 May and we will also go to the new Yakitori restaurant in Auckland to celebrate.

Graduation for semester 1 will be held on Thursday 1 June. We can wear any gi color for the event and there will be no expansive seminar.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Andre Galvao seminar in New Zealand

It will held at Atos Auckland on Saturday 17th June 2017. 14 west st, Newtown, Auckland. Please contact directly Atos Auckland to book your spot

Training report: guard pass and Lasso guard for advanced students

Guard pass is rewarded 3 points under IBJJF rules.

It is probably the most important action in our very guard centric martial art.

For the advanced students, we covered the lasso guard for the first time this semester.

The reason why Lasso guard relies on the sleeve grip and we were concentrating on nogi for the first part of the semester due to the National NOGI comp.

Friday, 7 April 2017


From her website

Black belt Jess Fraser is the creator and driving force behind Australian Girls in Gi (AGIG).  She is fiercely proud to be the leader of this groundbreaking group which is currently, & forever will be, club and affiliate neutral.
Jess recognises the need for cultivating an all inclusive culture and community to proactively effect the retention and growth of participation levels within our sport, particularly in regard to females athletes. Through AGIG, Jess has proactively worked on this goal, focusing on fostering community development and cultural change, large scale female focused events, online and hands-on member support, and technical development camps with great result since 2010.
In the past 7 years,  Jess has not only excelled as a competitor (representing Australia 3 times in Abu Dhabi, medalling twice in those appearances, as well as bringing home a silver medal from the World Championships in LA) she has also worked tirelessly in her contribution to the community. She has created and managed over 40 competitions (small to large scale), as well as running the largest female only events currently held in the world (last attendance for 3 day camp was 135+ women), all while moderating and managing the vast AGIG community.
She continues to support and inspire women throughout Australasia daily via the online AGIG community, with a membership base of over 1200 female athletes as well as in person at female centric events, seminars and training sessions.
If you have not yet met her, she’s probably most keen to meet you where she’s at her best – in a gi and on the mats."


9 AM-12 PM (GI)

2-5 PM (NOGI)

10 AM TO 1 PM (GI)

Training report: guard submissions and De La Riva Guard

The white belts learned guard submissions and the more advanced students learned De La Riva

This the first week we are back training full time in the Gi for the past 7 months.

We are 5 weeks away from the next Gi competition which is on Saturday 13/04/17.

It is the regional GI competition run by the NZ grappler.

In the past, they run a double elimination which means you have guaranteed 2 matches.

So as usual, the club will refund half of the entries fees of our competitors.

We also will have the $100 challenge for the competitor that has the most submissions.

In case of a draw, the winners will split the prize money.

We are going back to our old tradition of going out after the competition.

This time, the location has changed.

It will at the Yakitori House in Shortland Street.

Our host will be Khan (Judo black belt).

As usual, there are 3 options if you want train this week-end.

BJJ open mats at Atos from 10 am.

Judo classes at Epsom with Ben from 11 am.

Advanced Open mats on Sunday at Auckland MMA (blue belt onwards)

Otherwise have a great weekend and see you on the mats

The topic for next week is guard pass (beginner) and lasso guard (advanced). The Judo throw will be Tomoe Age

Sunday, 2 April 2017

NZ Grappler NOGI result

Image may contain: 3 people, people standingAdam Wilson won the silver medal at the NZ grappler no GI national competition in the open weight beginner category. 
Videos coming up soon.

Image may contain: 1 person, text

 Adam won our club challenge. 
$100 is given for the competitor that has the most submissions on the day: 1 arm bar, 1 rear naked choke and 1 triangle.

Image result for 50% refund

The club also refunded half of the entries of our competitors.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Training report: North South Position

This position is really under rated in BJJ.

As it is viable option to establish a guard pass and submission, it is important to cover this topic at least 4 weeks per year.

This position and the north south choke has been made very popular by Marcelo Garcia and I wrote a report a while ago.

So go check out the link

I did not teach this technique because I wanted to cover more basic principles in the beginner class but will over it in the next North South position which will come up in 3 months time.

Next week, we will be covering guard subs such as arm bar and triangle in the beginner class

Training report: the end of the NOGI season

This week, we finally completed our nogi season.

This was the longest nogi season that we had.

It started every Thursday from 25/08/16 to 30/03/17.

7 months of Nogi fun.

From now on, we are back to training GI on Tuesday and Thursday.

Please purchase an additional GI if you only own one gi.

It is NOT cool to wear the same used gi on Tuesday and Thursday.

I purchase my gi from Auckland Martial Arts shop.

They are good and economical entry level GI at a price of $130 for the black or blue gi and $120 for a white gi.

At our club, we can wear any color and brand of gi.

We do not force our students to buy specific brand or specific color.

We are not a Mc Dojo.

As long as your gi is clean for every training, we are cool.

You can also purchase your gi online.

Couple of options come in mind for companies based in NZ that sponsors local talents.

Support the companies that support our athletes.