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The New Zealand Ju Jitsu Federation (which we do not belong to) decided to put our club name on their list of clubs. Now the funny part is when I noticed that we do not have a link on our club name because we did not pay their yearly affiliation fee and we do not have their quality award next to our name because we have to paid them for their coaching course. Bare in mind that it is not their first time that someone tried to self proclaim to be a federation that runs BJJ in NZ. Conclusion, if you want to put our club name in your list to make "your" federation bigger. Please do so but put a link to our website and please do not rate as we do not qualify for your quality award because we never heard of you and your awards. What next? Are you going to certify BJJ black belts? Oh wait, you are already doing that. Who gave you the authority? Last time, I checked you were not the Federation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu like the IBJJF.

Training report: Questions and Answers

Stuart taught the advanced students some attacks against the turtle. Serge took questions from the white belts. It is good opportunity for the beginners to ask about specific problems that they have. Some of the question were kimura, hip bump sweep, half guard passes, peruvian neck tie, straight ankle locks. Next week topic is mount for the beginners. Next Saturday 4 March will be our inaugural surf trip to Muriwai. It will great to catch up outside the mats and learn how to surf or just hang out on the beach. Also, Saturday 11 March is our inter club at Atos. It is great way to prepare for the National NZ grappler Nogi competition which is on Saturday 01 April.

Dates to put on you calendar

Couple of dates to mark in your calendar Club Surfing Event on Saturday 04/03/17 at Muriwai Beach. If it becomes popular, we might even rent a batch for our next year surfing event. See Facebook event for details or just ask me. Inter Club at Atos BJJ on Saturday 11/03/16. I created a Facebook event already. Please add the rest of the team and put your weight if you want to compete. " Saturday 11 March is inter club nogi competition at Atos Jiu Jitsu - City Bjj vs Auckland BJJ to prepare for the NZ grappler Nogi 2017 competition. It is great way to prepare and also a friendly format for students that want to compete for the first time and/or prepare for their game plan. As usual, we will try to organise as many matches as possible. ibjjf rules. Please give your name and weight for match up. Do not stress about cutting weight as we will match you up. Entry is free. Cheers." Nogi National Competition organised by NZ

Training report: turtle and 50/50We

Turtle position does not offer any points under ibjff rules but still a valid position to study. The advanced students did some 50/50 guard pass.

Pre Order your rash guard

Please place you pre order asap if you want this rash guard. The cost is $60 for each rash guard. Therefore we cannot afford to keep a large stock due to financial reason and will order what is required and we will not order spare rash guard. Please note, there will be no logo on the shoulder or black tab on the wrist as per the attached picture. However, you do not have to wear this rash guard for training. We are not a Mac Dojo so you can always wear any rash guard that you want for our nogi BJJ classes. We also recommend that you wear a rash guard under your gi as well but it is not compulsary. For the NZ grappler National competition, they will require you to wear specific uniform as per IBJJF rules. From the IBJJF website: No-GI Jiu-Jitsu Uniform Requirements Men: Board shorts, primarily black, white or black with white and with up to 50% of their rank color (belt), with no pockets or with pockets entirely stitched shut, and must reach at least halfway down

NZ Ju Jitsu Federation

Is recruiting competitors from BJJ to represent them at their world cup championship.