Image result for not too sure what to think memeThe New Zealand Ju Jitsu Federation (which we do not belong to) decided to put our club name on their list of clubs.

Now the funny part is when I noticed that we do not have a link on our club name because we did not pay their yearly affiliation fee and we do not have their quality award next to our name because we have to paid them for their coaching course.

Bare in mind that it is not their first time that someone tried to self proclaim to be a federation that runs BJJ in NZ.

Conclusion, if you want to put our club name in your list to make "your" federation bigger.
Please do so but put a link to our website and please do not rate as we do not qualify for your quality award because we never heard of you and your awards.

What next?

Are you going to certify BJJ black belts?

Oh wait, you are already doing that.

Who gave you the authority?

Last time, I checked you were not the Federation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu like the IBJJF.


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