Training report: the end of the NOGI season

This week, we finally completed our nogi season.

This was the longest nogi season that we had.

It started every Thursday from 25/08/16 to 30/03/17.

7 months of Nogi fun.

From now on, we are back to training GI on Tuesday and Thursday.

Please purchase an additional GI if you only own one gi.

It is NOT cool to wear the same used gi on Tuesday and Thursday.

I purchase my gi from Auckland Martial Arts shop.

They are good and economical entry level GI at a price of $130 for the black or blue gi and $120 for a white gi.

At our club, we can wear any color and brand of gi.

We do not force our students to buy specific brand or specific color.

We are not a Mc Dojo.

As long as your gi is clean for every training, we are cool.

You can also purchase your gi online.

Couple of options come in mind for companies based in NZ that sponsors local talents.

Support the companies that support our athletes.


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