Training report: Mount

Mount position is the most devastating position in BJJ and is rewarded 4 points.

This week, Serge taught mount escapes, arm bar and americana from mount to the beginners.

Stuart took the advanced students on Tuesday and Igor taught the advanced class on Thursday.

Thursday attendance was unusual as we had over 20 people on the mats for our nogi class.

Next week topic for beginners is Back position.

Couple of dates to put on you calendar.

Inter Club Nogi with Atos on Saturday 11 March.

NZ grappler Nogi National Competition on Saturday 01 April.

Then it is the end of the NOGI season.

We will then train GI on Tuesday and Thursday.

Then Inter Club with Atos on Saturday 15 April to prepare for the NZ grappler event. (TBC)

NZ Grapper Regional BJJ GI competion on Saturday 13 May (TBC)


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