Training report: guard submissions and De La Riva Guard

The white belts learned guard submissions and the more advanced students learned De La Riva

This the first week we are back training full time in the Gi for the past 7 months.

We are 5 weeks away from the next Gi competition which is on Saturday 13/04/17.

It is the regional GI competition run by the NZ grappler.

In the past, they run a double elimination which means you have guaranteed 2 matches.

So as usual, the club will refund half of the entries fees of our competitors.

We also will have the $100 challenge for the competitor that has the most submissions.

In case of a draw, the winners will split the prize money.

We are going back to our old tradition of going out after the competition.

This time, the location has changed.

It will at the Yakitori House in Shortland Street.

Our host will be Khan (Judo black belt).

As usual, there are 3 options if you want train this week-end.

BJJ open mats at Atos from 10 am.

Judo classes at Epsom with Ben from 11 am.

Advanced Open mats on Sunday at Auckland MMA (blue belt onwards)

Otherwise have a great weekend and see you on the mats

The topic for next week is guard pass (beginner) and lasso guard (advanced). The Judo throw will be Tomoe Age


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