Leading the charge

In this picture, you can see Stuart certificates.
He is now a certified first degree black belt from the IBJJF and a Nidan (second degree) in Judo.

Stuart qualifications symbolize our club.

It is no secret that we teach out of the Auckland University Judo club. see their website for details


or facebook page


The Judo club is currently looking for new members so check them out if you want to learn an Olympic martial art.

Our BJJ and Judo students can train together and the cost for 6 days of training is $20 per week.

Students that cross train are nicknamed the hybrids and currently we have 4 Judo black belt attending our BJJ classes.

Both our instructors are now  black belt 1 degree certified by the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation.

However, we decided to not raise our fees accordingly as our goal is to remain as an amateur BJJ club with a strong influence of Judo.


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