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Overview for the next 6 weeks

For the next 6 weeks, the fundamentals program will be all about the guard. Guard Subs for this week then guard passes, guard sweeps, top 1/2 guard, bottom 1/2 guard. Also, we have the National GI competition on Saturday 05 August 2017. For the competitors, it means you need to start adjusting your diet if you want to lose some weight. We do not want anyone to try to cut on the last week prior of the event. Also, try doing some cardio: go for a run etc.. As usual for the competition , we will refund 1/2 entry fees of our competitions and have $100 prize money for the competitor that get the most submissions on the day. We have some T shirts sample to try out if you want to place an order. They are $20 each. Also, we have some screen printed patches for sale ($10) each.

Training report: North South Position and internal competition

This week, we taught North South position which is not rewarded any points under IBJJF position unless you use it to establish guard pass. Therefore it often a position that needs to train a lot for. Also, this week we had a little fun night with an internal team competition with some prices brought from Stuart (from his Judo competition trip in Japan). The new embroidery patches are now available. The small one is $5 and the big one is $25. For cash flow issue, I will only do pre order for the big patch. Also, the screen print patches are getting ready and they will be $10. We are using the same person printman that did the hammerhead t shirt and hammerhead screen print patches. We will be taking orders for t shirts and hoodies as well.

The blog is now 4 years old

Facebook is super cool and just reminded me that our blog Aucklandbjj,com started exactly 4 years ago. A few screens shots of the some stats to celebrate 238,688 views so far The article called the curse of the blue belt has 9590 views so far and is our top post. 79722 pages were viewed from New Zealand Second one was USA with 50111 views.

Training report: Knee on the Belly

Knee on the belly position is rewarded by 2 points. It is a devastating position as it created pressure for your opponent to force him to make a mistake and create opening for submission. On Saturday, I went to the seminar of Andre Galvao and got him to autograph his book called drills to win. I will covering the techniques from the seminar through semester 2.

New BJJ club in East Auckland

Check out their facebook page for more information Buckland beach BJJ

Training report: Less is more

The beginners did side control: 2 escapes and the kimura trap While the advance guys did the exorcist sub and drilling on Thursday. Also this semester we are introducing the Uchikomi systems. It means that you already know a throw and want to drill it, you just drill it. Meanwhile if you do not any throw, you still can learn the throw of the week. We also making a change for our advance class as I want to stop introducing new techniques as the national gi competition in 7 weeks and let them drill techniques that they already know. Less is more.

Graduation pictures

Auckland BJJ Graduation June 2017