Overview for the next 6 weeks

For the next 6 weeks, the fundamentals program will be all about the guard.

Guard Subs for this week then guard passes, guard sweeps, top 1/2 guard, bottom 1/2 guard.

Also, we have the National GI competition on Saturday 05 August 2017.

For the competitors, it means you need to start adjusting your diet if you want to lose some weight.

We do not want anyone to try to cut on the last week prior of the event.

Also, try doing some cardio: go for a run etc..

As usual for the competition , we will refund 1/2 entry fees of our competitions and have $100 prize money for the competitor that get the most submissions on the day.

We have some T shirts sample to try out if you want to place an order.

They are $20 each.

Also, we have some screen printed patches for sale ($10) each.


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