Training report: 1/2 guard passes and 50/50 with straight ankles lock variations

This week, we covered the topic of top half guard for the beginners.

Stuart taught the 50/50 position with some variation of the straight ankle locks

He started a you tube library for this specific interest.

So click on the below link for more information.

Otherwise, I got another 12 small embroidered patches for sale at $5 each.

Another 12 bigger embroidered patches for sale at $25 each.

We still have lot of the screen print back patch for $10 each.

We are still waiting for the t shirt and hoodies to be manufactured (pre ordered only).

You can register online for the National Gi competition.

Any plans for the weekend?

 3 options for training this weekend. Saturday - Beginners Judo at Epsom from 11am with Ben. Open mats at Atos (City Bjj) from 10am followed with lunch at Mercury plaza for the hungry and on Sunday AucklandMMA in Pakuranga is hosting advanced Open mats from 11am-1pm.


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