Training Report: Guard Submissions

This week, the fundamental program was based on guard submissions.

Stuart covered the "trilogy" of the guard subs: arm bar, triangle and omoplata.

For the advanced group, we continued with "less is more" concept.

Basically, it is time to stop teaching techniques all the time and try to replicate the seminar scheme by teaching a multitude  of techniques that no one remembers.

So we let our advanced students drills techniques for a specific positions and they can drill their favorites techniques.

For example, this week, it was guard subs, guard passes, guard sweeps, mount subs and mount escape.

For out takedown portion, same concept. Stuart taught a Judo throw to the beginners and the advanced students get to do Uchikomi which is just drill their favorite throws.

Open mats at Atos / City BJJ was fun and we had 6 members attending their open mats on Saturday.

Next week we teaching guard pass for beginner and Serge will teach the long step pass against the de la riva .

We are still taking pre order for the t shirts and the hoodies. I was only t shirts pre order but I might as well do the hoodies as well before winter is over. The hoodies will be $30. They will not be any known brand but I rather keep the cost low instead of buying some more expansive brand which is just too expansive.

See you on the mats.


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