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Training report: back control

Back position is one the most devastating position in jiu jitsu. It equals for 4 points and create a multitude amount of submissions. The nogi regional organised by NZ grappler has been confirmed for Saturday 14 October. However, we are not planning to to do specific nogi classes as it too cold. So if you want to spar, just take off your gi jacket if you want to do some nogi sparring. Well assuming that you are wearing a rash guard. Saturday class had 8  students, 2 purples belts, 2 blue belts and 4 white belts Next week topic is side control.

How to train smart and improve your bjj skills (part one - long read)

Due to new intake of new students, I thought it would be relevant to blog about how to train properly in order to improve (efficiency) your skills quickly and avoid some of the normal pitfalls. Learn the name of the positions and techniques. Most of them are English and are not to hard to understand. You can watch some relevants you tube videos and read our training report. Go to Judo classes and learn how to throw. You have the unique opportunity to attend up to 4 classes per  week. It is free for our members. Do not midget wrestle, once we start rolling also called newaza, we expect one person to play guard and the other to attempt to pass. We stars from our knees but it does not mean we fight for take from our knees. If you to fight for takedown, just enter tge 3 rounds of tachiwaza which is usually done at the beginning of the one hour of sparring. In our club, we do not bother matching up sparring partners. It has its pro and cons. However, due to the increase of m

Training report: mount and Jay wins a silver medal at Judo

This week, we covered topic of the mount for fundamental. We covered single x guard for advanced. Also, we had our second class on Saturday. We have about 4 new members from our August. Please note that we still are waiting a visit from the remaining people on the waiting list. Jay won a silver medal at the Judo competition. We will be teaching the position of back control this week and lasso guard for advanced.

Training report: Questions and Answers and new Saturday class

This week, we completed out 12 weeks program by having questions  and answers. It is a great way for students to ask questions and also it gives us a feedback on what is missing in our program. As you know, it is already difficult to cover everything in our curriculum so 4 times per year, we have a questions and answers to fill that gap. This week has also been a week full of excitement as we added a new class on Saturday. We have not taken any new students since June and decided to have a waiting list instead for August. Since our Tuesday and Thursday classes average 15-20 students, it was a good idea to add an additional class on Saturday in order to take in more members and compensate for the new intake. The Saturday class is only 1 hour long which is just enough to cover the topic of the fundamental which we teach in the particular week. Therefore, it is great for the beginners to get that third class to cover the same topic or just catch up in case they missed a class

Topic for the week

NZ Grappler National GI Competition 2017

Laurance got Gold in his blue belt weight category and bronze in the blue belt open. Garth got silver medal in his blue belt weight category. Marcio got silver medal in his white belt category. Dom got bronze in the Juvenile Blue belt category. TJ got silver in his juvenile white belt category. Well done. Laurence won our cash price for $100 for the most submission on the day (5 subs).

Training report: the turtle position and NEW Saturday classes from Saturday 12 August

This week, we covered the turtle position for the fundamentals. Also, we covered competition rules and drills for the National Gi Competition which will on Saturday 05/08/17. Next week topic will be questions and answers. I will also start a BJJ class on Saturdays from 10 am to 11 am at the dojo. It will starts on Saturday 12 August. The reason for creating an additional class is simple. Our Tuesday and Thursday classes are getting full. Sometimes we are over 20 students on the mats and we have limited space to train. At the same time, we have 7 people on the waiting list which was started around last June. So I hope that students will take the opportunity to add an extra day of training. Also, if they miss out on the week nights training, they can also catch up on Saturday. I do not really want to call it a beginner class as it is open to all level. But the topic on Saturday will be the review on the fundamentals of the week. More advanced student can join to