Nogi Season starting and training report: Knee on Belly

This week, we covered the topic of knee on the belly for the fundamentals.

For advanced, we did a transition from de la riva guard to single x guard and also covered the de la riva X guard which made on the come back at the last World IBJJF Masters Competition.

Tuesday night is still our most popular night and Thursday seems to always be quieter.

I am still teaching the Saturday class.
The attendance is smaller than the week night.
The benefit is that I can concentrate on each students a lot more compare to a bigger group format.

Joelle, Mr Chen and myself also attended the Judo beginner class right after our Saturday class.

Now Regional Nogi is on Saturday 14 October so we have about 5 weeks to prepare.

Bring your nogi uniform if you have one for the Tuesday class.
If you do not have one, just wear your gi pants and a rash guard.
A T-shirt is not suitable as it would get torn.

See you on the mats.


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