Positive Feedack

I run out of time on the weekend to write up our weekly training report.

We did guard submissions.

As I am watching people training and improving, I realise that I do not often say how much the members are improving.

I received positive feedback from students that came to visit after a lapse of training and I just wanted to pass on the compliments.

As an instructor, we tend to think that the students are improving really well because we are such great instructors and our training program is excellent.

But who am I kidding?

The fact is that we do not chose our students, it is the other way around.

Students choose their instructors.

We put our blog and write report, we tried to be active on social media like Facebook and lately on Instagram.

But I think the most important things (that keep attracting and retaining our students) are the camaderie and the positive social environment in our club. I really enjoy watching how welcoming our students are to new members.

Don’t get me wrong.

Training Jiu Jitsu is not easy.

You can lower your fees so they are more affordable, you can decide to not have contracts but it does not guarantee success.

As you still have to come train, learn and spar 3 times a week.

Also, I am very happy that I am now teaching on Saturday. I do not know of any gyms in NZ that has their black belt instructor taking class on Saturday.

Usually, it is only open mats.

Make use of it and get that one more fundamental class to compliment your Tuesday and Thursday classes.

Otherwise, just keep doing the good work.


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