Reinventing the wheel

This the second time I heard of BJJ competitions held in NZ, that are trying to mimic ADCC rules.

Literally, they are NOT following the IBJJF rules which is the standards of BJJ competitions.

Both competitions will be held in remote places in NZ which is great to promote the sport at grass roots level but the question is why using or more like allowing lot of techniques that already banned in IBJJF rules.

Why are they trying the reinvent the wheel?

If the IBJJF has banned specific techniques (even at black belt level), one would think it was due to trial and errors or more like injuries after injuries.

And even if someone managed to win such competitions with the ADDC style of rules, what is next?

Can they enter other competitions in NZ?

Are they on purpose alienating most of the competitors by offering such rules?


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