Training report: the lockdown and turtle position

Last week, we covered the position of the turtle for fundamentals and went over the bottom half
guard sweeps for advanced.

The turtle position is the last position in 12 weeks program.

Turtle position is not rewarded by points and only an advantage if you force someone to turtle up to avoid a guard pass.

if a person turtles up to avoid getting down like a snap down or an arm guard, it could be considered a takedown.

 Any reversal from turtle would not be reward any points.

Lot of people are making the confusion as they could be a change of position and it could be mistaken as a sweep.

There is also some people that call it the turtle guard to add more to the confusion.

The lockdown is a great bottom half guard who was made popular by Eddie Bravo (creator of the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu).

We study sweeps from the lockdown such as the entry know as the whip up, old school sweep, plan B and the electric chair.

This week, we will be doing questions and answers which is a great way to get feedback on our program and get the students to ask questions outside our curriculum or inside our curriculum in case they miss a particular class or need to go more into details.

See you on the mats.


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