Next project: MMA shorts and Rash Guard

I am organizing an order for rash guards and grappling short with a supplier in Pakistan.

The minimum is 20 pieces per item.

So we are looking at 20 rash guard and 20 grappling shorts at the moment.

I do not know the final price as I would need to add the freight to the cost price in order to work it out. And we will not know the freight cost until we have the final weight and dims.

But so far, I think it would $40 or under per item which seems to be a good price.

Now I am leaning towards long sleeves because it seems that what most people wear at training.

Size wise.

I would suggest people to order one size up for rash guard just in case but I also put the dimensions as well under the pictures.

I will print them as well and bring them to the dojo.

There will not be rash guard based on color belt (well unless you are a blue belt).


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