Training report: Graduation 2017

Traditionally, we host graduation on the first week of December.

It is usually held during a normal class which falls on Thursday as it is a Gi class.

We will also have our X-mas party at Stu house where we will make some wood fire pizza and eat about 10 kilos of oysters. Beer and Kava will also be provided.

In our club, graduation is very simple.
The graduates demonstrate a couple of techniques.
It is not a test but more an opportunity to show off their skills and put them on the front stage so to speak.
Then we have open mats for sparring for about 45 minutes.
Of course, we complete the ceremony with giving belts and stripes.

Oh, I forgot the pizzas, garlic bread and chips ordered from Domino pizzas and the beers.

Overall, good fun at the club.


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