Sunday, 24 June 2018

Training report: Mount

This week was exciting as we opened our second location in Sandringham.

We are still open for new members (beginners welcome) at our new additional site (681 Sangringham Road).

We covered the topic of the mount which is one of the most devastating position which is rewarded by four points under IBJJF rules.

Next week, we will cover the topic of the back position.

Our coaching staff (Stu, Laurance and Luiz are gone to the Clark Gracie seminar).
I would expect them to come back with with some new techniques and/or new details of techniques.

The club paid for the cost of the seminar for all the coaches.
it is one way to invest back into our instructors and give them motivation and inspiration by training under Clark Gracie.

Also we are having our first inaugural Auckland BJJ Invitational GI competition on Saturday 07 July from 10-12 am.

10-11.55 AM

It is a great way to make new friends and experience one month before the National GI competition which is on 08 August.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

First training at Sandringham.
Beginners welcome. Limited numbers available. 
Please come down for a free class. 
For more information, please email us on 
First in for serve. 
Address is 681 Sandringham road. 
Classes are Mondays and Wednesdays from 6 to 8 pm. 
Adults only.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Training program for semester 2

Week 1  starts Monday 18 June

Spider guard

Week 2 starts Monday 25 June

De La Riva

Week 3 starts Monday 02 Jul

Side Control
Reverse de la riva

Week 4 starts Monday 09 July

Knee on the belly
Lasso gaurd

Gi Inter-club held at Sandringham on Saturday 07 July TBC

Week 5 starts Monday 16 July

North South
Kimura Trap

Week 6 starts Monday 23 July

Guard subs
Sit up guard

Week 7 starts Monday 30 July

Guard pass

Week 8 starts Monday 06 August

Guard sweep
Competition training

GI Regional on Saturday 11 August

Week 9 starts Monday 13 August

Top 1/2 guard
Kimura Trap

Week 10 starts Monday 20 August

Bottom 1/2 guard
Reverse De La Riva

Week 11 starts Monday 27 August

Butterfly guard

Week 12 starts Monday 03 September

Question and Answers for Fundamental and advanced

Week 13 starts Monday 10 September

Competition training

No -Gi Inter-club held at Sandringham on Saturday 15 SeptemberTBC

Week 14 starts Monday 17 September

X guard

Week 15 starts Monday 24 September

Side Control
Single X

Week 16 starts Monday 1 October

Knee on the belly
Deep half

Week 17 starts Monday 08 October

North South
Competition training

Auckland NOGI Regional on Saturday 13 October

Week 18 starts Monday 15 October

Guard subs

Week 19 starts Monday 22 October
(closed for public holiday Monday 22 October)

Guard pass
Spider guard

Week 20 starts Monday 29 October

Guard sweeps
Sit up guard

Week 21 starts Monday 05 November

Top half guard
Reverse de la riva

Week 22 starts Monday 12 November

Bottom half guard

Week 23 starts Monday 19 November


Week 24 starts Monday  26 November

Questions and Answer

Week 25 starts Monday 03 December


Sandringham Wednesday 05 December
Epsom Wednesday 06 December

Week 26 starts Monday 10 December

Open mats

Weeks 27 starts Monday 17 December

Open mats

Last day of class in Sandringham is Wednesday 19 December
last day of class in Epsom is Wednesday 20 December

Then holidays

Starts again on Week 1 from Monday 08 Jan 2019 In Sandringham and Tuesday 09 Jan 2019 in Epsom.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Auckland BJJ opens an additional club in Sandringham from Monday 18 June 2018

We are now taking a list of new students for our new location in Sandringham for semester 2.

The program taught at this new location will be based on the fundamental program which is more suitable to beginners.

If you are more advanced BJJ player, you might want to try out at our other club in Epsom as Sandringham will be focusing on beginners to start with.

The starting date will be Monday 18 June 2018.

Classes will be on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Cost is $20 per week on automatic payment.

We expect to reach maximum capacity really quickly as we are have a limited intake for new students. The reasons are for quality of teaching (to maintain a good ration of teacher and student) and safety on the mats during training.

Once we reach capacity, we will create a waiting list for the rest of semester if a spot opens up.

If you are interested, please send us an email and we will write down your name for your first free class on Monday 18 June or Wednesday 20 June.


The classes are held at St Martins Church Hall 

 681 Sandringham Rd,


Auckland 1025

(on the corner or Sandringham and Taumata Roads)

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Looking for one or two instructors to run a new location

I will just write down some of the information instead of repeating myself and missing some people
and information.

We prefer to recruit internally first within our current students.

This is an unique chance to start running a club, teach and getting paid but not having to spend your own cash for start up.

The role will be to teach 2 classes per week (Monday & Wednesday) at a new location in Sandringham.
Each classes will consist of 2 hours.
We understand that at the beginning, the classes might just be for 90 minutes due to low number of students sparring.

We will replicate the fundamental classes format and will create a number of new intake through the semester.
Basically, you will have to follow our 12 weeks program and our class structure.
We will expect to create similar club culture as Epsom.

We do not really want to offer the option for people to "walk-in" as it can disturb the class.

The white belts from Epsom will be allowed to train at Sandringham but the vice versa will not be possible due to the limited space.
Hence the reason why we are expanding outside Epsom.

We will pay for the rental of the site and will pay the instructor $20 per hour.
So we will pay $40 for Monday night and $40 for Wednesday night.
You would be pay as a contractor with bank transfer.
Also, we are offering a profit share.
Once we reach our "break even" target, we are willing to split some of the profit with the instructor (s).
It will encourage to retain more customers as you will be financially benefiting instead of just turning to be paid by the hour.
Also, we will receive free membership at our club and we will pay for all the BJJ competitions that you want to enter in Auckland.

Now, we will accept 2 instructors who can share the tasks.
Stu and myself have been running Auckland BJJ for the past 7 years and the format of partnership has many advantages.
We think it is more easier to have a partner that can cover on your absence but also it is great to have additional help in order to teach.

But in the case that 2 instructors decide to share the duties, they will also have to share the pay and split the potential profit share.

Please let me know if you are serious a soonest as possible as I would like book our space at the new location asap before someone else take the booking.

We are not interested into giving specific days to each instructors, they will have to sort it out by themselves.



Monday, 7 May 2018

Training report: North/South position

This position is often under utilized as it is not rewarded like other dominant positions such a knee on the belly (2 points), mount (4 points) etc..

However, it is still a dominant position that you can achieve in order to establish a guard pass (3 points) just like a side control.

Quiet often, people misunderstand the complex rules of the points system and make the mistake to think that you receive the 3 points for side control but it is actually for passing the guard.

As people are getting more skilled on how to defend the bottom side control, learning how to defend or utilize the north south position become vital.

People have develop specific techniques such as the north south choke which was made popular by Marcelo Garcia.

For more info, please the link of an old blog

Otherwise, training has been good.

The new intake of students for year 2018 have settle in.

We made some new gis and patches.

Due to the short turn over from the last month National Gi competition, I think we have less competitors entering the Regional GI. However, it is a good opportunity to test your skills as they have a double elimination format which means you get guaranteed 2 matches.

Also, we have slowly seen some progress with our "NEW" rolling policy where everyone gives way to others and try to reset accordingly.

I got tired of watching senior belts rolling around everywhere and therefore forcing the white belts to have to reset every 30 seconds because they were stoked around too many advanced students.

Of course, the rules does not apply to the black belts instructors.

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Travel report: Ben goes to Brazil

Ben went to Rio to catch up with Brazilian team mate Igor who went back to his native city for 3
months holidays.

Ben got to train at the famous De La Riva school and was taught by Professor De La Riva himself.
It seems he runs several hourly classes through the evening and only one topic for all the classes. It was a mount escapes topic for that particular.

It is ironic because all the other gyms Ben visited were actually drilling the De La Riva guard. Funny that.

Back in Auckland yesterday. we discussed in more details the style and structure of each gym he visited as I am curious on how they manage their gyms in Rio.

Igor also took Ben to his current favorite gym which is affiliated a new team called Ares Jiu Jitsu.

Ben teaches the Judo beginner class on Saturdays at Auckland University Judo club.

Please check out for more information

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Graduation Report at Auckland Kids BJJ

3 students got promoted yesterday: Grey, Yellow and Brown belt.

for a detailed report, please click on below link.

For more information on our affiliate club that specialise in teaching kids. please clink on below ling.

Adam is taking new students at the moment.

Please contact him directly for any queries.

Training Report: Side Control

This week we covered side control. It is also known as the 100 kg position in Portuguese.
It is one of the dominant position that you much achieve in order to get your points for a guard pass. The other dominant positions would be Knee on the belly, north south and mount.

Serge taught 2 variations of side control escape and 3 subs from side control (Americana, arm lock and Kimura) for the fundamentals.

Stu taught the kimura trap to the advanced students on Tuesday. The advanced students also got the opportunity to drill their own techniques on Thursday.

Next week, we are teaching Knee on the Belly.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Training Report: Back position and de la riva

It has been a busy last week end with the NZ grappler Nationals Nogi event on Saturday and Sunday
Session at ETK.

We did well at the National with 3 gold medals and 2 silver medals with only 7 competitors.
We refunded half of the entry fees to our BJJ club members.

The $100 submission challenge was split in 3 ways as each person had a submission: Etuini, James and Callum.

On Sunday, we had two matched NOGI inside a kick boxing ring during a Kick boxing card.
It was lot of fun and we likely to continue having matches with ETK if we can the call.

Please note that the regional GI is on Saturday 12 May so it is on very soon.

Also, we stop Nogi training on Tuesdays and we are full on GI until next spring/summer.

This week we also covered the back position for the fundamentals and a bit of De La Riva for advanced.

A couple of pictures from the last week end of fun.

Also, the gis are at the taylor and will take about a week to get all patched up.

We also had an intake with a couple of new members that seem to really enjoy themselves.

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Auckland BJJ Gi ***** Special Edition******

You choose the color of the GI from Budo / Auckland Martial Art supply (white, blue or black).

You choose the batch patch (Hammerhead or Auckland) and front patch.

We get them patched up for you.

$140 cash.

Limited Edition. Be in quick before we sell out

You can buy the back patch by themselves for $10 each.

Friday, 30 March 2018

NZ Grappler is now using SJJF rules instead of IBJJF rules

We just found out today that NZ grappler will use new rules for next week event.

While SJJIF is not as established and prestigious as the IBJJF, I really like the content of the 70 pages with lot of pictures and also a very good video on their page.

Scissor takedown is legal from brown belt.

Time for matches for brown and black belt are only 8 minutes.

Also no advantages as per 

42.4 The SJJIF does not use an “advantage” point system; we believe this method adversely affects the overall turnout of the match and does not benefit the competitors. An almost point is not the same as an attained point for completing a full maneuver on an opponent. No match will be decided by referee, it will be decided by submission or points, and in the case of a tie, by “sudden death” overtime. For more information see Article 46.2

2 points for standing up after a double guard pull

l) Double Guard Pull: If at any point during the match both competitors pull guard with grips from standing at the same time, the first competitor to come to a top position shall be awarded points for a sweep after he/she maintains a controlling position on top of the opponent for a count of 3 seconds. Rules for double guard pull are as follows: i. Both athletes must have grips before pulling guard. ii. When both athletes with grip pull guard at the same time, one competitor must acquire a top position within 15 seconds or both athletes will be penalized with a negative point for lack of combativeness/stalling. iii. When both athletes pull guard, but only one athlete had a grip while standing the opponent must come up in order to not receive a negative point. iv. If both athletes pull guard without establishing grips first, both athletes will receive a negative point. v. If an athlete with grips pulls guard and the opponent either pulls guard or sits at the same time but without grips, if the athlete with grips goes up and establishes a top position for a count of three seconds he/she will be awarded two points for sweep.

Stalling rules are different

43.5 Consequences for stalling will be as follows: a) On the first offense the offender will be given a verbal warning. b) On the second offense the offender will be given a penalty point. c) On the third offense the offender will be given a second penalty point, and the referee will restart the fight with both athletes standing. d) On the fourth offense the referee will disqualify the competitor. e) Brown and Black Belts will receive a verbal command and negative point upon the first offense of a minor foul (not applied to lack of combativeness/stalling).

Happy Easter

Saturday, 24 March 2018

*******EDIT - 20/04/18*******


Please email us if you want to go on our waiting list.

Our last intake of students was June 2017. We are now taking in new students until we reach our capacity. We are giving priority to the people on the waiting list whom I emailed this morning. Thank for your support.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Official Affiliate: Auckland Kids BJJ

Contact & Location

Contact Adam @
020 412 29618

Class times are Tuesday 4:30pm to 5:30pm and Saturday 10:00am to 11:00pm

38 Monmouth Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Training report: Guard Subs

This week, we covered guard subs for fundamentals.

Serge taught a knee shield guard pass on Tuesday and on Thursday the advanced group got the freedom to drill and exchange techniques on Thursday night.

I think it is important to give such opportunities to let students brain storm some techniques instead of insisting on turning every class into a mini seminar which I was guilty of doing in my first couple of years when I started coaching.

Also, we almost completed the first two month of the semester.
Nogi Nationals is 7 April so we just got about 4-5 weeks of preparation.

Bare in mind that the Regional GI is on 12 May so it will a quick turn around between the 2 competitions.

Also, we still have some tank tops left for sale $20 as per the picture.

Monday, 5 February 2018

End of an Empire

It seems that there has been a few clubs changing affiliations over the past year in NZ.

One of them switch to an affiliation overseas while another swapped to another NZ affiliation after a fall out.

Also, I just find out that someone has lost his last affiliate as they no longer desired to run a BJJ program.

Only time will tell if they will be able to recoup the students from the old affiliates and  flourish as they already found a new site to run their program.

Fund raising at Buckland Beach BJJ & MMA: "6 Hour Charity Roll"

From their facebook event:

6 Hour Charity Roll

  • Saturday, March 10 at 10 AM - 4 PM

  • Bucklands Beach BJJ
    4 Wharf Road, Auckland, New Zealand 2012

    Once again the team at Bucklands Beach BJJ are working alongside Variety Children’s Charity to help raise funds for underprivileged kiwi kids.
    This open mat will run continuously for 6 hours and is open to any club or affiliation that would like to come along and help this great cause!
    Anyone that would like to donate that is unable to attend on the day, please feel free to contact us. 
    Last time only three people managed the full six hours! Let’s see how many can complete the roll this time!?
    Please check out The Variety website

    For more information please contact Andy at

Training report: Knee on the belly

Last week, for the Nogi advanced class we covered a specific situation to prepare for the National
Nogi competition: when your opponent stalls into your guard.
Instead of trying to teach specific techniques, we just organized 30 minutes of rolling in that specific situation to let people develop and modify their techniques in order to avoid the staller.

For the beginners class, we did knee on the belly on Tuesday nogi and Thursday Gi.
Knee on the belly is devastating position and we cover it at least 4 weeks per year.

For the Gi Advanced class on Thursday, Stu continue on teaching the worm guard made popular by Keenan (also known as lapel guard. He is likely to keep teaching this guard for the rest of the semester.

By the way, we are teaching the class as normal on Waitangi day 06/02/18.

See you on the mats.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Training report: Worm guard and Mount

First week of training for semester 1.
Tuesday class: the advanced group did situational rolling as the beginner group did the position of mount.

On Thursday class, Stu introduced the concept of the lapel/worm guard to the advanced group while Serge continued on the position of Mount to the beginner.

Stu will be continuing through the semester to teach and train the worm guard to the advanced group.

Also Atos Auckland will be hosting a seminar with Josh Hinger on Saturday 17 Feb 2018

You can now book your spot.