Training report: Knee on the belly

Last week, for the Nogi advanced class we covered a specific situation to prepare for the National
Nogi competition: when your opponent stalls into your guard.
Instead of trying to teach specific techniques, we just organized 30 minutes of rolling in that specific situation to let people develop and modify their techniques in order to avoid the staller.

For the beginners class, we did knee on the belly on Tuesday nogi and Thursday Gi.
Knee on the belly is devastating position and we cover it at least 4 weeks per year.

For the Gi Advanced class on Thursday, Stu continue on teaching the worm guard made popular by Keenan (also known as lapel guard. He is likely to keep teaching this guard for the rest of the semester.

By the way, we are teaching the class as normal on Waitangi day 06/02/18.

See you on the mats.


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