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Travel report: Ben goes to Brazil

Ben went to Rio to catch up with Brazilian team mate Igor who went back to his native city for 3 months holidays. Ben got to train at the famous De La Riva school and was taught by Professor De La Riva himself. It seems he runs several hourly classes through the evening and only one topic for all the classes. It was a mount escapes topic for that particular. It is ironic because all the other gyms Ben visited were actually drilling the De La Riva guard. Funny that. Back in Auckland yesterday. we discussed in more details the style and structure of each gym he visited as I am curious on how they manage their gyms in Rio. Igor also took Ben to his current favorite gym which is affiliated a new team called Ares Jiu Jitsu. Ben teaches the Judo beginner class on Saturdays at Auckland University Judo club. Please check out  for more information

Graduation Report at Auckland Kids BJJ

3 students got promoted yesterday: Grey, Yellow and Brown belt. for a detailed report, please click on below link. For more information on our affiliate club that specialise in teaching kids. please clink on below ling. Adam is taking new students at the moment. Please contact him directly for any queries.

Training Report: Side Control

This week we covered side control. It is also known as the 100 kg position in Portuguese. It is one of the dominant position that you much achieve in order to get your points for a guard pass. The other dominant positions would be Knee on the belly, north south and mount. Serge taught 2 variations of side control escape and 3 subs from side control (Americana, arm lock and Kimura) for the fundamentals. Stu taught the kimura trap to the advanced students on Tuesday. The advanced students also got the opportunity to drill their own techniques on Thursday. Next week, we are teaching Knee on the Belly.

Training Report: Back position and de la riva

It has been a busy last week end with the NZ grappler Nationals Nogi event on Saturday and Sunday Session at ETK. We did well at the National with 3 gold medals and 2 silver medals with only 7 competitors. We refunded half of the entry fees to our BJJ club members. The $100 submission challenge was split in 3 ways as each person had a submission: Etuini, James and Callum. On Sunday, we had two matched NOGI inside a kick boxing ring during a Kick boxing card. It was lot of fun and we likely to continue having matches with ETK if we can the call. Please note that the regional GI is on Saturday 12 May so it is on very soon. Also, we stop Nogi training on Tuesdays and we are full on GI until next spring/summer. This week we also covered the back position for the fundamentals and a bit of De La Riva for advanced. A couple of pictures from the last week end of fun. Also, the gis are at the taylor and will take about a week to get all patched up. We also had an intake wit

Auckland BJJ Gi ***** Special Edition******

You choose the color of the GI from Budo / Auckland Martial Art supply (white, blue or black). You choose the batch patch (Hammerhead or Auckland) and front patch. We get them patched up for you. $140 cash. Limited Edition. Be in quick before we sell out You can buy the back patch by themselves for $10 each.