Travel report: Ben goes to Brazil

Ben went to Rio to catch up with Brazilian team mate Igor who went back to his native city for 3
months holidays.

Ben got to train at the famous De La Riva school and was taught by Professor De La Riva himself.
It seems he runs several hourly classes through the evening and only one topic for all the classes. It was a mount escapes topic for that particular.

It is ironic because all the other gyms Ben visited were actually drilling the De La Riva guard. Funny that.

Back in Auckland yesterday. we discussed in more details the style and structure of each gym he visited as I am curious on how they manage their gyms in Rio.

Igor also took Ben to his current favorite gym which is affiliated a new team called Ares Jiu Jitsu.

Ben teaches the Judo beginner class on Saturdays at Auckland University Judo club.

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