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Auckland BJJ opens an additional club in Sandringham from Monday 18 June 2018

We are now taking a list of new students for our new location in Sandringham for semester 2. The program taught at this new location will be based on the fundamental program which is more suitable to beginners. If you are more advanced BJJ player, you might want to try out at our other club in Epsom as Sandringham will be focusing on beginners to start with. The starting date will be Monday 18 June 2018. Classes will be on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6 pm to 8 pm. Cost is $20 per week on automatic payment. We expect to reach maximum capacity really quickly as we are have a limited intake for new students. The reasons are for quality of teaching (to maintain a good ration of teacher and student) and safety on the mats during training. Once we reach capacity, we will create a waiting list for the rest of semester if a spot opens up. If you are interested, please send us an email and we will write down your name for your first free class on Monday 18 June or Wednesday 20 J

Looking for one or two instructors to run a new location

I will just write down some of the information instead of repeating myself and missing some people and information. We prefer to recruit internally first within our current students. This is an unique chance to start running a club, teach and getting paid but not having to spend your own cash for start up. The role will be to teach 2 classes per week (Monday & Wednesday) at a new location in Sandringham. Each classes will consist of 2 hours. We understand that at the beginning, the classes might just be for 90 minutes due to low number of students sparring. We will replicate the fundamental classes format and will create a number of new intake through the semester. Basically, you will have to follow our 12 weeks program and our class structure. We will expect to create similar club culture as Epsom. We do not really want to offer the option for people to "walk-in" as it can disturb the class. The white belts from Epsom will be allowed to train at Sandring

Training report: North/South position

This position is often under utilized as it is not rewarded like other dominant positions such a knee on the belly (2 points), mount (4 points) etc.. However, it is still a dominant position that you can achieve in order to establish a guard pass (3 points) just like a side control. Quiet often, people misunderstand the complex rules of the points system and make the mistake to think that you receive the 3 points for side control but it is actually for passing the guard. As people are getting more skilled on how to defend the bottom side control, learning how to defend or utilize the north south position become vital. People have develop specific techniques such as the north south choke which was made popular by Marcelo Garcia. For more info, please the link of an old blog Otherwise, training has been good. The new intake of students for year 2018 have settle in. We made some new gis and patches