Training report: North/South position

This position is often under utilized as it is not rewarded like other dominant positions such a knee on the belly (2 points), mount (4 points) etc..

However, it is still a dominant position that you can achieve in order to establish a guard pass (3 points) just like a side control.

Quiet often, people misunderstand the complex rules of the points system and make the mistake to think that you receive the 3 points for side control but it is actually for passing the guard.

As people are getting more skilled on how to defend the bottom side control, learning how to defend or utilize the north south position become vital.

People have develop specific techniques such as the north south choke which was made popular by Marcelo Garcia.

For more info, please the link of an old blog

Otherwise, training has been good.

The new intake of students for year 2018 have settle in.

We made some new gis and patches.

Due to the short turn over from the last month National Gi competition, I think we have less competitors entering the Regional GI. However, it is a good opportunity to test your skills as they have a double elimination format which means you get guaranteed 2 matches.

Also, we have slowly seen some progress with our "NEW" rolling policy where everyone gives way to others and try to reset accordingly.

I got tired of watching senior belts rolling around everywhere and therefore forcing the white belts to have to reset every 30 seconds because they were stoked around too many advanced students.

Of course, the rules does not apply to the black belts instructors.


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