Rest In Peace Rick Sensei

"RIP Sensei Rick Littlwood here is a photo of you at your 74th birthday celebrations at your dojo leading from the front.
You have helped me and my club so much by teaching me your brand of Kosen judo, and by giving Auckland BJJ its name and its home.
For the past 7 years I have seen you almost 5 times a week and you will leave a huge hole in my heart. 
You also took me on my first trip to Japan where I later found my wife Karen Mitchell
Thank you for your contribution to Judo and Martial Arts in New Zealand, and thank you for being my friend and Sensei."

From Stu facebook message

From Serge
I want to thank you for opening your Dojo and home so we could transfer our club when we needed help.
Thank you for all the encouragements and advices for the past 7 years.
You came up with our club name and brilliant marketing strategy.
I will always be grateful for everything


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