Training report: 1 week at Auckland BJJ

Last Sunday

Fern, Stu, Laurance and Luiz went to the Clark Gracie seminar and learn his famous omoplata techniques.

Monday and Wednesday

Classes at Sandrigham where we taught Back position, 2escapes and submissions

Tuesday and Thursday

Classes at Epsom where we taught the omoplata techniques that we learned at the seminar.


We went to the open mats at Big Judo at the Sandringham dojo


Callum, Garth and Jono drove down to the Kapiti coast to compete at the NZ grappler GI Regionals

Richie went to the open mats at Atos.

Laurance went to train at Buckland Beach BJJ

Serge went to the graduation at Auckland Kids BJJ.


Laurance went to train at Church BJJ held at Auckland MMA and VR Jiu Jitsu.

Next Saturday (7 July) we will be organising our invitional GI inter club at our Sandringham Location with Atos and Buckland Beach BJJ.

Please note that we will follow SJJF rules to prepare for the NZ grappler National Gi compete held on 11 August.


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