No gi season has started

NZ grappler has confirmed the date of Saturday 13 October for the nogi regional therefore we have
started our nogi season accordingly.

Also we have added our inter club invitational competition to prepare for the regionals on Saturday 15 September.

The invitational event is not to replace or compete with the NZ grappler competition.

It is for our students and a couple of clubs to get together and offer an opportunity to test our skills in a friendly environment.

I think it is ideal for beginners to try out before they can enter the regionals.

We also will have some of our coaches Laurance and Luis to start referring as well.

It is a short 2 hours event from 10 am to 12 am.

We will just create group of 4 people of the nearest weight with a double elimination system with guarantee 2 matches.

We will also seed the matches so you will be matched up with same belt level in your first match.

The event will be hosted at our Sandringham because of the space in terms of 160 sqm of mats but also the car parks and seating arrangement for the spectators.

We are doing nogi on Wednesdays in Sandringham and Tuesdays at Epsom.

We are also organising a pre order for rash guard...more information to follow.


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