Training report: Mount position and Inter Club competition

This week, we covered the topic of the mount position.

It is the first position that we teach in the program as it scores the most points: 4 points.

Next week, we will be covering the back position which also scores 4 points.

On Thursday, Stu also covered the competition rules in order to prepare for the inter club which was held at Sandringham.

Buckland Beach BJJ and ETK HQ came and supported our invitational event.

Prior to a NZ grappler competition, we like to prepare ourselves by hosting a little competition 4 weeks before.

it get students in the moods. test some techniques and many of them it was their first opportunity to test their skills.

We made 5 groups of 4 and everyone has a guaranteed 2 matches.

The inter-club competition concluded with an open mats where everyone got to to roll with another 30 minutes.

Thank you for the support.

Please note that we are still taking new members at our Epsom and Sandringham locations.


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