Training report: Side Control and Single X guard

This week, we covered side control for fundametals and single x for the advanced class.

Actually we taught single X guard and straight ankle lock on Tuesday  class to the beginners as well.

It is fair to recognise that the single X guard and the ankle lock are getting more and more popularity nowdays and have become the staple of techniques for most of of the competitors.

We are now waiting for the rash guard and the nogi shorts to be manufactured.

Also, I already refunded half of their entry fee of our one of competitors.

Please note that the last day to sign up is 8 October.

Once you signed up and paid, send a facebook message with your bank account so the club can refund half of your entry fees.

The event is on Saturday 13th October.

Also, we are still taking new students at both locations (Epsom and Sandringham),
all levels are welcome.


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