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Training Report: Guard Pass

I did not take an pictures last week so I am going to post some from our students instead This is a picture of Fern who is currently training Judo in Japan. In this picture she is with Yoshio Kanaya (left) and Matsura Sensei (middle) at the Daishin Judo Club. I am not too sure if they were impressed with her white belt BJJ with 2 stripes. This week was short to the public holiday and we covered guard pass. Such techniques do varies greatly depending in you train GI or NOGI. Serge taught reverse de la riva on Tuesday Nogi advance and Stu taught lapel guard (aslo known as the wor guard) in advanced Thursday. Adam Wilson also demonstrated his single X entry to straight ankle and how to defend the same attack. Since we have no more competition, we are now winding down towards the end of the year. Please note that graduation is on Monday 3 December from 6 pm at Sandringham Dojo. This is the first time we have a merged graduation at the new expansion. If you want to learn

Training and Competition Report: North South escape and NZ grappler NOGi Regionals

North South position is taught 4 weeks per year and it is a dominant position that you can achieve for getting your 3 points for the guard pass. Also, while some people are really good at defending from bottom side control, North South position is really problematic when you get under it. To start with, we teach the concept of framing which is concept that is also taught from bottom side control. The basic escape is the reverse shrimp that we do for warm up. The NZ grappler no gi competition has a low attendance compare to other year. I do not why but we also had a small team of competitors (4) compare to the 10 that competed at the last Gi Nationals. Also, I heard that one of the biggest and best team is now boycotting the NZ grappler events. It is a bit sad to see politics getting in the way of the promotion of the sport. Hopefully, they will make peace and enter the next year event. This is the end of the competition season for 2018. Next year, we will host anoth

Monday 8 October is the last day to register for the NZ grappler Regional Competition

It is a double elimination even so it means you get at least 2 matches. Half of your entries fees refunded by the club. Registrations close on Monday 08 October

The new internet troll: Mike Jones

" Internet slang , a  troll  ( / t r oʊ l ,  t r ɒ l / ) is a person who starts quarrels or upsets people on the  Internet  to distract and sow discord by posting inflammatory and digressive, [1]   extraneous , or  off-topic  messages in an  online community (such as a  newsgroup ,  forum ,  chat room , or blog) with the  intent of provoking  readers into displaying  emotional  responses [2]  and normalizing tangential discussion, [3]  whether for the troll's amusement or a specific gain." I guess you are made it big time once you get trolled by Fake Facebook Account. So the award for the troll of the week goes to Mike Jones. I think some of the trolling were targeted at people that could be seen as sand bagging in the sport in general. What is sandbagging? Sandbagging is a term used in martial arts to denote a practitioner who competes at a skill-bracket deemed less rigorous than their actual level of competitive abil