Sunday, 19 May 2019

Training report: Guard Pass and a visit from Alczndr

This week, we topic of breaking the closed guard for the fundamental program.
Guard break is really important because at white belt level, closed guard is mostly used.

While Stu is competing in Japan, I decided to let the advanced students drills their own stuff.

I think it is important to give time for advanced students to brain storm techniques and to sharpen specific techniques (building your own game): instead of turning every classes into a mini seminar.

We also had the visit from Alczndr (BJJ brown belt) who was in a work seminar in Auckland for couple days. Alcznder invited us to visit MMA core anytime when we are visiting Hamilton.

Next week, the topic is guard sweeps.

Thank for the support.

Sunday, 5 May 2019

New BJJ gym in Papamoa

Recently, Marc has relocated from Auckland to Papamoa.

Last Saturday, he visited this new gym on its opening day.

Marc really enjoyed the class and plans to continue training with them.

For more information please check out their website.

Tips on how to choose a BJJ club

  • Choose the closest gyms available to start with. Traffic can be painful during peak hours and the further you have to travel, the more chance you will find excuses to miss training
  • Try to avoid gyms that would not disclose their price online or when you query for it. Some gyms are so expensive that they will only disclose their fees once you have completed their free trial program.
  • Find a gym that has a clear and standardized teaching program. Try to avoid gyms that just have random techniques taught.
  • Be aware of cults. Like many other martial arts, there are instructors that end up taking themselves too seriously to the point that they think of themselves as life coaches. Number one warming sign is when someone describes his BJJ gym as a "Family".
  • Look at the ratio of instructors and students. While, large numbers of students could be beneficial in terms of having more training partners, you do not want to be in an over crowed class when you do not get the required attention from the instructor.
  • Look at who is teaching the beginner class: is it the black belt instructors or some junior instructors?
  • Try a free trial and feel the vibe. You might want to stay away over strict discipline gyms: the type that would shame you in public for being late at training. But also, you might want to stay away from gyms that are too lose and have no discipline at all: you just felt that you walked into a frat house and no one is paying attention to the instructors, students and instructors are just cracking jokes every 5 minutes (usually at the mercy of other students).
  • Are your goals compatible with the BJJ gym? Do you want to compete? Do you want to learn self defense? Do you want to stay fit? Try to gauge what type of gym it is and if their training program would suit you. No point joining a BJJ gym that strongly focus on competition if you do not want to compete.

Saturday, 27 April 2019

Training Report and new signage for Sandringham

This week, we covered knee on the belly for the fundamental program.

Knee on the belly (2 points) is a great position to secure the guard pass (3 points) as the result would be 5 points (3+2) as long as you can retain it for 3 seconds.

We covered concept, escape and a couple of submissions followed by situational rolling and concluded with normal sparring.

Students are already talking about entering the next competition in Auckland (Saturday 15 June).

If you are planning to compete, please come talk to me and we can start brain storming on strategies and game plan.

Adam W. also planning the entering the NZ grappler event in Dunedin (Sat 18 May).

Next month, Stu will flu to Japan for 1 months training Judo from Mid May to Mid June.

Therefore Graduation will be on Monday 24 June at the Sandringham Dojo.

Otherwise, we attended graduation on our affiliate club: Auckland Kids BJJ which is located on Grey Lynn.

For any additional information, please click on below link

Also we got our new signage at Sandringham Dojo (681 Sandringham Road, Sandringham, Auckland).

As we can see on the picture, we are super excited on this new additional marketing weapon.

We offer free trial.

Please come down for a free class, send us an email if you require more information.

Our fees is $20 per week on automatic payment (no contract or sign up fees).

All levels welcome.

Monday, 8 April 2019

IBJJF Referee Seminar - Sydney 2019

Stu and myself went to the referee seminar which was held at Gracie Barre in Manly.

The location of the seminar (the Gracie Barra gym) was very nice and their staff were very friendly and professional.

I am impress with the set up in terms of size and cleanliness.

The course was held by the same instructor (Gabriel) that we met in Melbourne during our last Seminar.

The course was 4 hours long and also included a written exam which stu and myself with a 95 % pass.

The funny story is that we both failed the same question but we gave the a different wrong answer as well.

Gabriel also used lot of videos as teaching help which can be found on their you tube account.

Having a visual aid is big improvement compare to the previous but you now also access on you tube.

Training and competition Report

We went to support our competitors on Saturday 06 April at the NZ National NOGI competition.

Stu won silver at the black belt division and Kane won silver at the white belt division.

The competitors from our Kids club also had their share of medals.

The event conclude our nogi season which started from 13 October 2018.

So about 6 months of no gi training.

From now on, we will be training GI only at both locations (Epsom & Sandringham).

We are still taking new students at our Sandringham location.

Please note that competition is not compulsory at our clubs and most of our members train for fitness and self defense among other reasons which I cannot think off at the moment.

If you are interested in kids classes, please contact directly Adam.
 I understand he has a waiting list but he might have take new students in April

Meanwhile, the next competition is the Auckland NZ grappler GI competition on Saturday 15 June 2019

Last week, we cover the topic of Mount and we will teaching the topic of back for fundamental this week.

Keep scrolling down for more pictures and technical videos.

Saturday, 23 March 2019

Blue belt turns full time BJJ Athlete after submitting a black belt via heelhook during sparring session

After submitting a visiting black belt last Saturday in Whanganui, Jack decided to turn pro.

He admits that he took advantage of the black belt that stopped sparring by pointing out to him that he was knee reaping: "I cannot believe that he took the time to explain that I was doing something illegal, I just heel hooked while he was still talking. I guess you should be ready at all time...just like a fight...right?".

Since this event that he described as pinnacle in his career, Jack has quit his job working at the local bank to concentrate on training full time: "I need to reach my full potential, I just realize that I had insane talent that I cannot waste it working an 8 to 5 job, I could make heaps of money fighting in nogi competition and doing seminars, I heard of this Aussie that went from purple to like ADCC competitor high level over two years, I even downloaded his is the bomb..that how I learned to heel hook people, it has been my favorite submission...especially on the sparring partner that are not aware that I will attack them with this IBJJF illegall submission".

Jack has no remorse as he is convinced that he is a modern samurai and samurais do not follow IBJJF rules: "Back in the days, samurais will knee reap and heel hook all day every day..bro #porrada!"

Admittedly, his dad was not very supportive of his new choice but he got convinced after Jake showed him the instragam of the famous Gordan "the king" Ryan.
Dad was very impressed of the hespect that Gordan showed to his dad "big gord" but mostly he really liked the pictures of Ryan's sister.

Jack took the initiate to  create a facebook athlete page which has reached 23 likes overnight: "I guess that things are getting pretty serious now I am an official athlete. I need a presence on social platform for my fans. I even reached out to Future Kimono for sponsorship. I heard heaps of sponsored athlete are getting free gear like one BJJ gi per year to rep their brand. I might even get a special edition with my name on it later on if I can increase my rep. who knows?" says the overnight born athlete.

Meanwhile, Jack also created an instragram account which consists of several pictures of bowl of acai, coconut water, water melon juice and motivational post such as "success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out"

I tried to contact the black belt for this side of the story.
Unfortunately, he did not want to elaborate any further on the incident.
I just heard that he might have purchased the DVDs from John Danaher: leg lock system.
We hope that only his self ego was injured and not his ACL & CCL.

In the month time, Jack will be moving to Auckland with the worst traffic and real estate problem in New Zealand to join a club that is affiliated to 5 times world time champion: "I know he only comes once every 2 years for a three hours seminar but to be the best, you have to train with the best. I will make the most of the 3 hours seminar by taking notes and drill the techniques later on. It is not just an occasion to take a picture with someone famous, you know!"

To conclude, the Jack's girlfriend did not approve of his new plan. Jack broke up with her and he described as a hater (just like the rest of them), no one should stop him to achieve his full potential and live the life of a full time of a pro athlete.

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Training report: Bottom half gaurd

We are now completed our week 10 which covers bottom half guard for fundamentals.

For advanced program, we took a break from the front head lock system on Tuesday and did a quick review for de La Riva and transition to Sit up guard.

Next week is the turtle position for fundamentals.

We are 3 weeks away from the National NOGI competition (on Saturday 06 April).

Please note we will stop training nogi after the nationals competitions.

Also, Adam Wilson competed at the Wellington Nogi Regional on Saturday 16/03/19.
He posted some of the videos on facebook.
He had several matches and gains more experience.

We are still taking new members at the Sandringham Dojo:
681 Sandringham Road,


All level welcome.

If you have train before or not, please come down for a free class or email us for more information.

We have a fundamental programs for our beginners which was created, tested and improved for the past 7 years.

If you have trained before but have stopped for a while, you will enjoy getting back into it via attending our fundamental program.

While our dojo in Sandringham has been only opened since June 2018, we still have lot of seniors students (blue, purple and brown belt level) that come and train from our Epsom Dojo (opened since 2011).

Our fees are $20 per week with no contract or extra sign up fee.

What to expect from Auckland BJJ?

We train for sport competition but we do not force our students to compete.

Our competitors make a small percentage of our members.

Lot of members are doing it to stay in shape.

Do we focus on self defense?

Not really, we feel that you will become better at using your skills against an agressor if required by training with resistance against an experience sparring partner

Do you teach kids?

Yes and no.

We have an affiliate program in Grey Lynn which is run by our students Adam Evans.
He teaches kids from 5 to 12 years.
They have 4 classes per week (split into 2 format: Junior and Senior)
Please check out his website for more information.

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Training report: top half guard and the front head lock system

This week,
For fundamental program, we covered the top half guard.
We always cover the top half guard topic before teaching the bottom half guard.
As usual, we usually teach positions that reward more points
Basically, passing top half is rewarded by 3 points while sweeping from bottom half guard.

While originally, half guard was look at a transition  which your closed guard got opened and your opponent will eventually get a more dominant position like side control, north south, knee on the belly, mount etc.

However, half guard is no longer considered a weak guard and lot of competitors are having lot of success with half guard.

Half guard is probably the guard we covered the most in our fundamental program: 1 week of top half guard followed by one week of bottom half guard.

Which we repeat twice per semester and therefore 4 times of years: 8 weeks of half guard (two months).

Regarding the advanced program, we continued on the new front head lock system and we look at seated position and how to set up submissions.

Stu and myself will be flying to Sydney to do referee seminar run by the IBJJF at the end of month.

NZ grappler will be running their national nogi competition on Saturday 06 april.

The event will conclude our nogi season as well and we will be training gi only after this competition.

Also, we are still taking new students at our Sandringham location: 681 Sandringham road, Sandringham.

All level welcome.

$20 per week: no contract and sign up fee.

Saturday, 2 March 2019

Review of Back Attacks (enter the system) from John Danaher and how we implemented the system at Auckland BJJ

For the year 2019, we decided to stray from our normal 12 guards system that we teach to our advanced students.

I wanted to look into new BJJ instructional material but mostly because I was curious about John Danaher teaching products and wanted to this what was the fuss all about.

Everyone by now has heard that he is the head coach at Renzo Gracie Academy and his latest students are having massive success in nogi submission competition to the point that they call themselves the DDS (Danaher Death Squad).

To start with, John has a very slow and repetitive style of teaching.
It is not for everyone and I did get a bit bored in some of parts.

However, the information and the system is brilliant.
It does challenge some of the preconceived ideas and principles that we taught as white belts but it does make sense.

I guess that the concept of isolating one arm in order to improve your chances of strangling your training partner is not a new concept but John managed to create a well planned, detailed program detailed system.

But he does not stop at only covering the back position.
He also teach and demonstrate how to achieve similar results from different entries (like turtle to back take).

There is a lot of information to absorb and it took about 2 months to diffuse and implement the system to our advanced students.

So it was our topic for month of January & February for the advanced students.
I also started to teach some of the system to our fundamental program.

I was planning to teach the leg lock system for months of March & April but changed my mind and went for the front headlock system instead.
As we strictly follow IBJJF & SJJF rules, I felt it would be better to concentrate on a system that we can use.
I am kind of assuming that the leg lock system is full of knee reaping and heelhook and I just wanted to concentrate on techniques that our students can use for the NZ grappler National Nogi competition which on Saturday 06 April 2019.

Please note we will be train Gi Only from Monday 08 April 2019.

Also, we are still taking new members at our Sandringham location:
681 Sandringham Road,

Please come down for a free class or email us for more information.

Beginners and all level welcome.

$20 per week on automatic payment (no contract and no joining fee).

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Training and Competition Report

Last week, we covered guard passes for fundamental and started on our new Front Headlock program
for the advanced students.

On Saturday, Adam and Wes competed at the NZ grappler regional event and both won the bronze model.
Adam won the 100 dollars cash prize from the club for the most submissions.

The NZ grappler NOGI National competition is on Saturday 06 April 2019.

Due to low number of competitors yesterday, I am not sure if it is a good idea to host an inter club to prepare for the Nationals which will in 5 weeks time anyway.

We will switch to gi only from the 08  April to prepare for the GI Auckland Regionals on the 15th June.

Please note that we are still taking students at our location at 681 Sandringham road, Sandringham.
Beginners welcome, $20 per week on AP and no contract.
Please come down for a free class or email us for more information.

Sunday, 17 February 2019

John Danaher

Contrary to the general belief, Jon Danaher is actually born in the USA.

However, he did grew up in NZ and went back to the states to study at the PHD program at Columbia University in NYC.

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Training report: Guard submissions

This week, we covered the topic of guard submissions for the fundamentals.

We did couple of basic arm bar set up by looking at locking the shoulder in order to control the posture of our training partner.

Also, we said farewell to Blain as he is going back home.

He was one of the first students at our new and additional location in Sandringham.

He always rolls hard and never miss a class.

We also went for a curry buffet after training at Paradise restaurant.
Good food and good time.

In this picture, you can see him leading the V for our farewell picture.

We are still taking new students at the Sandringham location.
Come down for a free class or email us for more information.
Adress is 681 Sandringham Road, Sandringham. Auckland
All levels welcome.

Next week, we will be teaching guard passes for fundamentals and I will start introducing the front headlock system instead of the leg locks system.

Please note that the entries for the NZ grappler competition is closing on the 19 February.

Monday, 11 February 2019

Quick update

For the past 2 weeks, I am been off on holidays and therefore have not posted my usual weekly training report.

We have covered the Knee on the belly position and the north south position for the fundamentals while the advanced continued on the back attack system.

This week, we will cover guard submissions for our fundamentals.

Blain from Sandringham Dojo will be leaving back to his home country soon and we will have a farewell dinner tonight after training (Monday 11/02/19). 
It will held at Paradise Restaurand (Indian buffet).

Also, Epsom location is getting near maximum capacity but there are still space available at our latest location (681 Sandringham Road, Sandringham).

If you want to start learning or if you have past experience and would like to continue training, please send us an email or pop in for a free class.

We do not have a contract, $20 per week on automatic payment.
Due to the above factors, we do create a waiting list once we have reach our maximum capacity to ensure a good ratio of instructors and students but also safety on the mats due possible over crowding.

Also, the competition is up soon: Saturday 23 February 2019

Deadline to enter is 19 Feb at midnight.

As usual, the club will refund half of the entries of our competitors.
We also have our $100 Cash bonus for the person that does the most submissions at the event.

If you are looking for a school for your kids, please check out our affiliate club Auckland Kids BJJ.

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Grappling Competition Dates for NZ 2019

Grappling Competition Dates for NZ 2019 (So far) 
26th January - Mana Championship Submission Only - Auckland
9th February - Full Force Submission Only - Hamilton
23rd February - NZ Grappler No Gi Regionals - Auckland
2nd March - Rivercity No Gi Tournament - Whanganui
9th March - NZ Grappler Kids Camp - Auckland
16th March - NZ Grappler No Gi Regionals - Wellington
6th April - NZ Grappler No Gi Nationals - Auckland
13th and 14th April - TNT Gi and No Gi Invitational - Auckland
13th April - Wellington Open Submission Only No Gi - Wellington
27th April - Māori Nationals - New Plymouth
4th May - NZ Grappler Kids Camp - Auckland
18th May - NZ Grappler Gi Regionals - Dunedin
15th June - NZ Grappler Gi -Auckland
29th June - Rivercity Gi Tournament - Whanganui
July 13th - Southern Tribes Gi Open - Levin
26th-28th July - Submission Sisters - Nz Girls Grappling Camp - Hamilton
10th August - NZ Grappler Gi - Wellington
21st September - Wellington Open - Submission Only Gi - Wellington
28th September - NZ Grappler Gi Nationals - Auckland
26th October - NZ Grappler No Gi - Dunedin
9th November - NZ Grappler Kids Camp - Auckland
9th November - Rivercity No Gi Tournament - Whanganui

Training report: Back position

The fundamental topic for the week was the back position.

We also continued in our back attacks (enter the system) for our advanced students.

It was the second week for the year and we can start seeing some good numbers in terms of attendance (especially at Epsom where we had 26 students on Thursday night).

Also, we had 6 female members training last Tuesday which a new record.

We are still open to take more students.
All level welcome.

We will be teaching side control next week for beginners and continue on our back attack system for advanced program.

More Competitions, More BJJ Camp in NZ

4 events to put in your calendars


Move over IBJJF and SJJF rules with your boring points system, complex rules and restricted submissions

The new kid on the block is submission only event with cool rules like knee reaping and a wider range of submissions like heel hooks, spinal lock etc..
Did I mention "no point system as well?

The first event that I noticed was an sub only NOGI event competition with Mana Championship which will be held in Auckland on Saturday 26 January 2019.

Full Force Sub only Nogi Competition is on Saturday 09 February 2019 and will be held at MMA Core in Hamilton.


Theses events are gender based BJJ camp: Woman only BJJ camp.

For years, local BJJ women created this unique type of camp in Auckland which grew by the years to the point when they fill the roster of female guest instructors only. 
It reflects the growth and participation of NZ BJJ but also draw supporters from Australia in form of participants and guest instructors.
Their event is on 26-28th July 2019 and will be held in Hamilton for the first time.

In Wellington, a similar type of camp has been offered which will held on July 14-20 July.
Similar concept but hosting 2 international instructors of world class levels (Leticia Ribeiro, Bia Mesquita).
I would assume that the organizers will fill the rest of the classes with local instructors if required.

Hopefully, all the events would be successful and will be able to continue to host future events to grow the sports in NZ.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

NZ Grappler - NO GI - National Championship - NZ OPEN - Saturday 06 April 2019 - Barfoot and THompson Stradium 203 Kohimara Road Auckland

NZ Grappler -
 National Championship -
Saturday 06 April 2019 -
Barfoot and THompson Stadium
203 Kohimara Road

Please contact NZ grappler for more information

NZ Grappler - NOGI - SUmmer Slam - Auckland Regional Series - 23 February 2019 - Kohimarama

New Zealand's Premier Grappling Circuit

Come and dust off those cobwebs at the Auckland Regional Summer Slam.

No Gi Grappling at its finest right here in Auckland.

We are now fully running our SmoothComp system so don't miss out on your chance to rack up those points ! Every match you have will be recorded in your official BJJ record, that you will be able to keep for life.

Prize giving for divisions are going to be held 15 minutes after the division is finished for both Adults and Kids - so that you can get on with your weekend !

We will have a streamlined process for athletes on the ground and will have your brackets published before the event along with the schedule.

As the tournament grows, we put back in, so that we all level up together!

Spectators $10


Sunday, 13 January 2019

Training report: Mount and Back attacks

For the fundamental program, we covered the topic of mount.
We taught the basics of mount: grapevine, high mount and S mount. Also we covered a couple of escapes and submission as well.

For the advanced program, we started our inaugural Back attacks: Enter the system.
We covered the basics of the straightjacket system and the weak side vs strong side concept.

In terms of numbers of students, while most students were back to the mats on our first week.
We had a couple of new members at each site as well.
But we still can take more students (especially at the sandringham dojo), so if you have been thinking to join in.
Please turn up for a free class or send us an email if you need more information.