Training and Competition Report

Last week, we covered guard passes for fundamental and started on our new Front Headlock program
for the advanced students.

On Saturday, Adam and Wes competed at the NZ grappler regional event and both won the bronze model.
Adam won the 100 dollars cash prize from the club for the most submissions.

The NZ grappler NOGI National competition is on Saturday 06 April 2019.

Due to low number of competitors yesterday, I am not sure if it is a good idea to host an inter club to prepare for the Nationals which will in 5 weeks time anyway.

We will switch to gi only from the 08  April to prepare for the GI Auckland Regionals on the 15th June.

Please note that we are still taking students at our location at 681 Sandringham road, Sandringham.
Beginners welcome, $20 per week on AP and no contract.
Please come down for a free class or email us for more information.


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