Training report: Guard submissions

This week, we covered the topic of guard submissions for the fundamentals.

We did couple of basic arm bar set up by looking at locking the shoulder in order to control the posture of our training partner.

Also, we said farewell to Blain as he is going back home.

He was one of the first students at our new and additional location in Sandringham.

He always rolls hard and never miss a class.

We also went for a curry buffet after training at Paradise restaurant.
Good food and good time.

In this picture, you can see him leading the V for our farewell picture.

We are still taking new students at the Sandringham location.
Come down for a free class or email us for more information.
Adress is 681 Sandringham Road, Sandringham. Auckland
All levels welcome.

Next week, we will be teaching guard passes for fundamentals and I will start introducing the front headlock system instead of the leg locks system.

Please note that the entries for the NZ grappler competition is closing on the 19 February.


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