Monday, 8 April 2019

IBJJF Referee Seminar - Sydney 2019

Stu and myself went to the referee seminar which was held at Gracie Barre in Manly.

The location of the seminar (the Gracie Barra gym) was very nice and their staff were very friendly and professional.

I am impress with the set up in terms of size and cleanliness.

The course was held by the same instructor (Gabriel) that we met in Melbourne during our last Seminar.

The course was 4 hours long and also included a written exam which stu and myself with a 95 % pass.

The funny story is that we both failed the same question but we gave the a different wrong answer as well.

Gabriel also used lot of videos as teaching help which can be found on their you tube account.

Having a visual aid is big improvement compare to the previous but you now also access on you tube.

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