Training Report and new signage for Sandringham

This week, we covered knee on the belly for the fundamental program.

Knee on the belly (2 points) is a great position to secure the guard pass (3 points) as the result would be 5 points (3+2) as long as you can retain it for 3 seconds.

We covered concept, escape and a couple of submissions followed by situational rolling and concluded with normal sparring.

Students are already talking about entering the next competition in Auckland (Saturday 15 June).

If you are planning to compete, please come talk to me and we can start brain storming on strategies and game plan.

Adam W. also planning the entering the NZ grappler event in Dunedin (Sat 18 May).

Next month, Stu will flu to Japan for 1 months training Judo from Mid May to Mid June.

Therefore Graduation will be on Monday 24 June at the Sandringham Dojo.

Otherwise, we attended graduation on our affiliate club: Auckland Kids BJJ which is located on Grey Lynn.

For any additional information, please click on below link

Also we got our new signage at Sandringham Dojo (681 Sandringham Road, Sandringham, Auckland).

As we can see on the picture, we are super excited on this new additional marketing weapon.

We offer free trial.

Please come down for a free class, send us an email if you require more information.

Our fees is $20 per week on automatic payment (no contract or sign up fees).

All levels welcome.


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