Training report: Sweeps and De La Riva Guard

This week, we covered the topic of the sweeps.

Sweeping is probably my favorite techniques (even over a submission).

We have been drilling lot of hip bump sweep and scissors a lot lately.

So it gave me the opportunity to teach some additional sweeps such as tripod sweep (open guard sweeps).

Also I had a great pleasure to introduce the De La Riva guard as well.
3 techniques: basic sweep, back take (also known as baby bolo), "single leg" takedown.

"Ricardo De La Riva is a legendary Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt from the late Carlson Gracie‘s lineage, being one of the most creative guard players to have ever competed in BJJ. Ricardo De La Riva revolutionized jiu jitsu’s guard game with the creation of the (now) famous “De La Riva guard” (originally called “guarda pudim”), Ricardo De La Riva also become an accomplished grappling instructor with several important black belts under his tutelage such as Rodrigoand Rogerio Nogueira, Walter “Broca”, Helvecio Penna and many others."


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