Taking new students for the new semester

Year 2019

Semester 2

Monday 24 June:
Graduation for Semester One

Week 1 (Starts Tuesday 25 June)
Fundamentals: Mount

Week 2 (Starts Monday 01 July)
Fundamentals: Back

Week 3 (Starts Monday 08 July)
Fundamentals: Side Control

Week 4 (Starts Monday 15 July)
Fundamentals: Knee on the belly

Week 5 (Starts Monday 22 July)
Fundamentals: North South

Week 6 (Starts Monday 29 July)
Fundamentals: Guard Submissions

Week 7 (Starts Monday 05 August)
Fundamentals: Guard passes

Week 8 (Starts Monday 12 August)
Fundamentals: Guard sweeps

Week 9 (Starts Monday 19 August)
Fundamentals: Top half guard

Week 10 (Starts Monday 26 August)
Fundamentals: Bottom half guard

Week 11 (Starts Monday 2 Sept)
Fundamentals: Turtle

Week 12 (Starts Monday 9 Sept)
Fundamentals: Questions and Answers

Week 13 (Starts Monday 16 Sept)
Fundamentals: Mount

Week 14 (Starts Monday 23 Sept)
Fundamentals: Back

Saturday 28 September

Week 15  (Starts Monday 30 Sept)
Fundamentals: Side Control

Week 16 (Starts Monday 07 Oct)
Fundamentals: Knee on belly

Week 17 (Starts Monday 14 Oct)
Fundamentals: North South

Week 18 (Starts Monday 21 Oct)
Fundamentals: Guard submissions

Week 19 (Starts Monday 28 Oct)
Fundamentals: Guard Passes

Week 20 (Starts Monday 04 Nov)
Fundamentals: Guard sweeps

Week 21 (Starts Monday 11 Nov)
Fundamentals: Top Half guard

Week 22 (Starts Monday 18 Nov)
Fundamentals: Bottom half guard

Week 23 (Starts Monday 25 Nov)
Fundamentals: Turtle

Week 24  (Starts Monday 02 Dec)
Fundamental: Questions and Answers

Week 25  (Starts Monday 9 December)

Graduation for semester Semester two on Monday 09 December at Sandringham

Wednesday 19 Dec is last day of class at Sandringham
Thursday 20 Dec is last day of class at Epsom

Restart classes to be confirmed

Monday 06 Jan 2020 at Sandringham
Tuesday 07 Jan 2020 at Epsom


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