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Dinner at Tanuki Restaurant & Seminar

Before you start thinking that I just spend my weekend drinking, eating and blogging about Japanese restaurant in Auckland. I have another valid excuse for our trip. Last Saturday, we attended the mid winter party hosted the Uni Auckland Judo club. The event was held at the Tanuki Sushi & Sake Restaurant. As most readers would know, we have a strong connection with the Judo Club as we teach at BJJ at their location. Also, many of students cross train in both arts. It was the first event held after the departure of Rick Sensei. From memory, the dinner consisted of: salmon & mushroom miso soup, sashimi of snapper, salmon and tuna, noodles, rice with salmon, ice cream with Japanese treats. Then after dinner, we decided to walk down to the Yatikori House to have a "couple" more jugs of beer and end up celebrating Stu birthday as we went over midnight. Stu, Fern & Weeman also attended a BJJ seminar on Thursday:  9 time W

An evening at the Yakitori House

akitori  ( Japanese :  焼き鳥 )  is a  Japanese  type of  skewered   chicken . Its preparation involves skewering the meat with  kushi   ( 串 ) , a type of skewer typically made of steel, bamboo, or similar materials. Afterwards, they are grilled over a charcoal fire. During or after cooking, the meat is typically seasoned with  tare sauce  or salt. Last Saturday, we took our coaches and their better half (wife or partner) for a dinner. The goal was to thank the coaches but mostly their spouses to let them train at night. The location was the Yakitori House. Their manager is Kan. He is Judo black belt who trains at the Auckland University Judo Club. We have been friends for years and we always receive us a warm welcome and special attention from him. He also set up a menu that included: Edamane Salmon Sashimi Beef Deep fried Chicken (kara-age chicken) Chicken and cheese yakitori Chichen tender thigh met yakitori Big chunky salmon yakitori A vegetable sets of yakitori for

Training report: Back Position

This week, we covered the topic of the back position for fundamentals. This position is considered on the best position and is rewarded by 4 points (same the mount position). We covered couple of escapes and many submissions from the back. My favorite submission is the bow and arrow choke. We also introduce the straight jacket system from John Danaher. This system was created to trap one arm with your leg which means you have one hand to finish your submission attempt. We are still taking new students at both locations. Beginners welcome.