Dinner at Tanuki Restaurant & Seminar

Before you start thinking that I just spend my weekend drinking, eating and blogging about Japanese restaurant in Auckland.

I have another valid excuse for our trip.

Last Saturday, we attended the mid winter party hosted the Uni Auckland Judo club.

The event was held at the Tanuki Sushi & Sake Restaurant.

As most readers would know, we have a strong connection with the Judo Club as we teach at BJJ at their location.

Also, many of students cross train in both arts.

It was the first event held after the departure of Rick Sensei.
From memory, the dinner consisted of: salmon & mushroom miso soup, sashimi of snapper, salmon and tuna, noodles, rice with salmon, ice cream with Japanese treats.

Then after dinner, we decided to walk down to the Yatikori House to have a "couple" more jugs of beer and end up celebrating Stu birthday as we went over midnight.

Stu, Fern & Weeman also attended a BJJ seminar on Thursday: 9 time World Champion, 5 time Abu Dhabi champion, 2017 ADCC champion Beatriz Mesquita 

Stu will be covering the techniques from the seminar which were mostly around the knee slice guard pass.


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