BJJ videos on You tube

I was talking to a new student during the week about our training report and how I like to put some you tube videos on my weekly blog.

Now for some reasons, blogger is a bit tricky to search and attach videos from my favorite  channel.
Therefore I decided to mention some of the channels that I currently follow,

The list is not really is any particular order but they all are relevant to beginners and advanced students.

Invisible Jiu Jitsu


The pink gi can distracting but personally I dig it.
The back posters such the bat and BOPE add to the coolness of the videos
Videos are short and to the point but still manages to pack lot of details as well.
English Accent

The grappling Academy

Similar videos as above.
short to the point with details
Also has videos related to BJJ but not techniques such "feeling down in BJJ"
Australian accent

Stephan Kesting


Stephan is probably the most famous in terms of subscribers (300K)
He also invite guest instructors as well.
American Accent


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