Training report: Mount and Rubber Guard

This week, we covered the topic of the mount for fundamentals and rubber guard for advanced.
Actually we have started the last cycle of our fundamentals which means we are mid way through the semester and we just have another 12 weeks of BJJ before Xmas break.

Mount is one of the best position in BJJ as it is rewarded the most points which is 4 points

The Back control position is equal in term of dominant position and which is also rewarded 4 points.
We will cover the back position next week.

We taught 1 escape from the mount position know as Upa escape or trap and roll.
We also taught 1 guard re composition from mount.
Several submissions were shown: cross choke, americana and arm bar.

Please note that we still take new students at our Sandringham Club located at 681 Sandrigham Road, Sandringham.
We are located inside the church hall.
Days are getting warmer and longer.
Time to get back to training.
All level welcome.
If you have never train, we have fundamental program built for you.
If you have stopped training and you want to get back into it, our chilled and relaxed atmosphere will ease you back into the mats.

See you on the mats


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