Training report: The turtle position & Stu becomes North Island Judo Champion (Master division)

We covered the topic of turtle for fundamentals and deep half guard for Advanced Topic.

Turtle is not considered dominant position but it is plays a great part in BJJ.

It gives you an option to avoid getting your guard pass.

But also, under SBJJF rules and points system, it could be rewarded by 2 points for sweep and they recognise as a sweep (compare to the IBJJF)

The Judo throw of the week was Osoto Gari.

Next week we will be teaching questions and andswers

Also, Auckland University Judo Club team competed at the North Island Judo Championship on the week end.

Stu won his division at under 90 kilo (Master).

Great to see the rest of team hard work paying off:

Kane with U100kg, U90kg golds and an Open Silver,
 Quentin with an U66kg bronze
 Phoebe with a senior women's U52kg gold.

Stu Veterans U90kg gold and Open silver
*Quentin Veterans U73 30+ gold
*Tank Veterans U73 30+ silver
*Fabio Veterans U73 40+ gold
*Aly Senior Boys U66 gold

For more information on Auckland University Judo Club


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