Graduation is on Monday 02 December 2019 at Sandringham


Just a reminder that graduation for semester 2 will be held at Sandringham Dojo on Monday 02 December 2019

We will have pizzas and soft drink to conclude the event.

What to expect?

Starts at 6 pm as usual

Warm up
Students receiving belts will get the opportunity to demonstrate couple of techniques.
They are not being tested.
It is their time to shine and show us a couple of moves.
Then we give the belts and stripes.
Open mats until 7.30 pm
Eat pizzas

Finish at 8 pm.

We do charge $50 per graduation (for belt only).
It comes with a certificate and a belt
We charge the same fee irrespective of the belt color.
It means we charge $50 for a blue, purple, brown or black belt

We use the money to buy pizzas and soft drink.

We had 44 people attending the last graduation.

let see if we can break over the number 50.


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