Tuesday, 17 March 2020


Hi just to let you know that we have decided to shut the clubs down for two weeks as a precautionary
measure because BJJ is a contact sport.

We are doing our bit as a club to help flatten the curve of the virus in New Zealand. Flattening the curve means limiting the rapid spread of the virus by reducing physical contact with people, washing our hands regularly and avoiding large crowds.

Like we have said before this is all a precautionary measure only. We have made this decision now because we can, many other clubs might follow a similar approach or might likely in the near future. 
This is to the health of our people, and in fact of all New Zealanders forefront in our minds. 

We feel that we must play our role and take a more proactive action in containing the spread of the virus in Aotearoa. 
Our number one priority is to protect the health and wellbeing of our people and their families.
How can you help?

- If you have travelled self isolate yourself and those that travelled for three weeks, that means not coming in contact with others that have not travelled with you i.e. your kids, partner, going out shopping etc. Please do not put strain on the already overloaded health workers.

- If you had family coming from overseas and you have been in contact with them above rule applies. - Avoid large gathering if you see too many people at some places, avoid that area come back later.

- If you are sick stay home, do not put strain on your immune system or pass it onto others. The COVID-19 virus attacks the elderly and people with immunity issues i.e. when you are sick. Consider taking a flu vaccination.

This is in place for the next two weeks, at which point we will reassess them. 
In the meantime can you all register your interest with HELLO CLUB with $0 so we can keep in touch and keep a place for you when we reopen. https://aucklandbjj.helloclub.com/register…

Thank you for understanding and take good care. Remember, these are only our thoughts follow the normal NZ NATIONAL PANDEMIC PLAN. Please have a chat to your instructors if you have any concerns.

Monday, 16 March 2020


Covid-19 and Aucklandbjj
Hi at Auckland BJJ we have been keeping a close eye on this novel virus.
We have increased mat cleaning to after every session and we will also do the following.
1) no new members or trial classes starting Monday the 15 March and probably continuing for at least a month.
2) all current members that are unwell are to stay away from training. Instructors will tell you to go back home if they see you sick and wanting to train, so don't make them do this. We all want to be a healthy as possible before covid 19 comes so please don't spread any other illness in the dojo.
3) any members who are self isolating or decide they don't want to come to training. Please email us to let us know. We support you, and because we have a no contract system feel free to stop payments. We will also hold your place in classes when we return to normal.

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Interview with Jay (Coach of the Junior Squad)

Q: Hi Jay, Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. 
Can you please elaborate a bit on your background? and what made you train BJJ?
A: Kia Ora, well I started training BJJ when I was in my last year of university and working nights as a Bouncer. I started off just want to learn a few submissions for self-defiance, not long after finishing university I became a Corrections officer. By this time, I was really getting into BJJ and feel in love with the Art.  Last year I change jobs again and now work as a high school teacher.

Q: We are lucky to you have stepping up as the coach for the Juniors Squad (Kids class at Sandringham). 
It is not often that a club has a school teacher involved with the kid’s program. 
Can you tell us what made you become a school teacher but also about other school you were involved in teaching and also developing BJJ?
A: I feel blessed to have the opportunity to give back to the club and the art which has helped me in my life in so many ways. In my work as a corrections officer I stood at the bottom of the cliff, working with young adults whose life had taken them on a negative path. 
I wanted to really get involved and try help people not to head down that road. I knew I couldn’t do this working in the criminal justice sector, so I retrained for another year at uni to become a teacher and now I try to stand at the top of the cliff. 
My first go at coaching was back at my old high school De La Salle College, the main motivation for setting that up was because I always say to myself “I wish I had BJJ when I was at high school”. 
BJJ has been a powerful life changing tool for me, through BJJ I learnt so many life skills, like never giving up. That is something I want pass on to our youth.

Q: We have watched you teaching the kids classes. On top of following our ten week curriculum, I noticed that you have created lot of "games" and drills" to adjust to the attention span of the students. 
Where did you get the idea from and can you elaborate?
A: that I owe to teachers training, at university we learnt to chunk information up and create activities that are connected to what you are trying to teach. 
All the games I incorporate in the program are based around movements and skills necessary in BJJ. 
Play is one of the best was to learn new skills and stay young, I fully believe that.  

Q: We are family oriented and want the whole family to train together. 
On top of that our $30 family package were everyone in the family trains together. 
Can you give us some example of students that are taking advantage of the special family package?
A: we have around four families that are on family packages. It is so amazing to see parents who bring their kids along to train but they themselves become inspired to get into to BJJ and jump on the mats. 
I feel the family package is a great way for families to grow together. 
We have a new family from Tahiti that have just joined us, at first we had just the three sisters training but as their dad watched more he really started liking it and now he trains with us in the adult’s class.   

Q: We have grading for kids such as stripes and belts. It helps the students to set goals and achieve them. 
I heard of other clubs charging for grading for stripes and belts. 
When do you have grading and how much do you charge?
A: we don’t charge our kids for grading. I feel charging kids for a stripe on a belt puts unnecessary financial pressure on families. 
Most our families have more then one kid training with us, and we feel that seeing how happy the kids are when they are rewarded for their hard work is the best payment ever!
We are planning to have a graduation at each the end of each term.

Q: Why do you think kids should train BJJ?
A: through BJJ kids learn how to persevere and overcome challenges, that is a key life skill that will flow into other areas of their lives, through this Kids learn to become self-disciplined. 
Also, I have learnt in my life that there may come a time when we may need to protect ourselves, though we focus on sports BJJ this translates into self-defiance situations. 
I fully believe that all kids should have some basic self-defiance skills.

Q: Do I need to buy a uniform straight away? How much do they cost?
A: not at first no, it’s best to try the kids out see if it is something they want to get into. 
But at some point you will need a Gi, they range in prices, most are well over $150. 
But we are lucky that we have head coaches that try to reduces the costs for kids and get ours made, which we sell for $80

Q: What does your classes usually consist of?
A: At the start of training we do warm-up games, break falls, and take-down drills. 
Then we stretch and get into the technique of the week.  
once the kids have a basic grasp of the moves we do some situational rolling and finish up with a final game.

Q: Do you have an age range for the Sandringham location?

A: Yes, at this point our age range is from 10-16 years old however, we review this case-by-case. 

Sunday, 8 March 2020

The one hundred dollar challenge

Congratulations to Adam for winning his division at the inaugural SJJIF Oceania championship.

Adam also won our 100 dollars challenge for the most submissions as well.

Years ago, we decided to reward our competitor with the most competitor that has the most submissions during a competition.

In case of a draw, then both competitors would split the cash.

Even if the competition format is point system, we always want our competitors to strive to finish by submission instead of points.

Hence the cash price of 100 dollars.

Also, the club refunded half of the entry fees for our competitors and it included half or their membership fees which they had to pay to the SJJIF New Zealand Federation.

Family discount at Sandringham

The classes for our Junior Squad are filling up in Sandringham.

We offer a special deal for family.

It is $30 per week on automatic payment for the entire family.

We have Dad, mum and siblings taking advantage of this special offer.

The parents can always attend our adult classes which starts after our junior class on Monday and Wednesday.

We want families to train together.

Having your kids doing the same activity together save the hassle of the parents having to drive around for each separate activity.

Having the parents training BJJ has also many bonuses.

The parents are getting fit and also are learning the martial art and are able to help out their kids in their new martial art.

Please come down for a free class or email us if you need more information.

Sandringham Classes 

Taking new members. Beginners welcome.

Junior Squad (kids from 10-17 years old) during school terms
Mondays and Wednesday from 4.30 to 6 pm.

Mondays and Wednesdays from 6 to 8 pm


The classes are held at St Martins Church Hall 

 681 Sandringham Rd,


Auckland 1025

Sunday, 23 February 2020

A busy week at Auckland Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Monday at Sandringham:

Junior Squads (kids class) at  from 4.30 pm to 6 pm
We are still taking new kids for the term.

Adult class from 6 pm to 8 pm

Tuesday at Epsom

Adult class from 6 pm to 8 pm

Epsom has now a waiting list as we currently full.
Please email us to go on the waiting list or try our other location at Sandringham

Wednesday at Sandringham

Junior Squads (kids class) at  from 4.30 pm to 6 pm
Adult class from 6 pm to 8 pm
I think we had 10 new students on the adult class so Sandringham is filling up.
Come and join us before we have to close membersip in the Sandringham location.

Thursday at Epsom

Adult class from 6 pm to 8 pm


Adam won the nogi gold medal in his master division at the inaugural Oceania BJJ competition.
He scored 2 submissions so he win our $100 price for the most subs.


Tank won the nogi gold medal in his master division at the inaugural Oceania BJJ competition.

The club will refund half the entry fees for our competitors.

We only had 2 competitors which is our lowest entry.
Many students for put off by the hike in entry and also the additional $25 compulsary federation membership fees.
Basically, adult competitors are now paying over $100 to compete.

The next competition will be Mana submissions only

14 March

NZ grappler will have another 2 competitions this semester

09 May NOGI

27 June GI

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Training report: Knee on the belly and Sandringham is still taking kids and adults new members

This week, we covered the topic of knee on the belly for fundamental topic.

For advanced students, Serge taught a berimbolo on Monday, Stu taught Kimura on Tuesday and James taught heelhooks on Thursday.

On Thursday, we stayed open for the public holidays and we had around twenty people on the mats.

The Junior program at Sandringham is on its second week and we are still taking new members.

If you wants your kids to join our new program, please come down for a free trial or email us if you need more information.
We have special discount for families.

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Training report and Updates

We have already completed our first month of training for the year 2020 and most of the new students have settled in.

Some of them still have to buy BJJ gis and Nogi training gear (rash guard and grappling shorts). Please talk to Serge & Laurance for merchandise.

Epsom Dojo is full but we still have some space for Sandringham.

The reason is that Sandringham is a lot bigger and therefore can absorb more numbers.

Please email us for a free trial at our Sandringham location.

You might need to be quick as we will start a waiting list once we have reach maximum capacity (like Epsom).

Also, Jay and Richie have started their Junior Squad Classes.

This week was more of rehearsal and the official opening date is tomorrow (Monday 03/02/2020).

We are looking at kids from 10-17 years old. 

If you want to sign up your kids, please send us an email or just turn up on the days for training.

Beginners welcome.

Otherwise, we taught side control as the fundamental topic and Stu taught some Kimura Trap for the advanced.

Saturday, 25 January 2020

Training on Monday 27 January

Laurance will be teaching on Monday at Sandringham which is a public holiday.

Training is still on.

Saturday, 18 January 2020

Should we drop the word Brazilian from BJJ?

Most of the time, we prefer to refer to the country of its origin when describing the martial art that we practice: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
We use the acronym BJJ when typing it on social platform but I prefer using the word Jiu Jitsu when I having a conversation.

Some of my friends actually use the acronym when having a conversation which seems to be a bit odd but not that important.

I actually rather listening to people referring to BJJ than using the other shortcut word such "Jits".

Now, we all know that Jiu Jitsu originated from Japan but it was developed and drastically changed in Brazil.

Now we can also note that we cannot quantify or qualify what was passed on over 100 hundred years ago in terms of technical knowledge.

The Gracies have created a pretty vague and somehow over shadowed other lineages that could or claimed direct lineage to Maeda.

There are still historians debating if BJJ was actually Kosen Judo but also debating what does Kosen Judo consist off.

The reality is that BJJ is just called Jiu Jitsu in Brazil.

When the Brazilians went overseas to teach Jiu Jitsu, they had to add their country of origin in front in order to differentiate it from another martial art that we could describe and call as Japanese Ju-Jutsu.

Recently, there are 2 American BJJ black belts started to describe their martial arts by adding the country name in front instead: American Jiu Jitsu.

The first person was Jake Shield and the most recent was Keen Cornelius.

Jake Shield is known more for his MMA career but still competes in Nogi supermatch.

Keenan is known for his BJJ gi techniques (such as the worm guard) but actually had more success in nogi competition.

Recently, Keenan has open his own school call Legion American Jiu Jitsu and also use the bald head eagle as part of their logo (same as Jake Shield).

So the question rises, why the need to put your country in front:
To differentiate from other martial arts.

Is it time to just call it Jiu Jitsu only?

Let have a look at Judo.

Judokas often refers to a country to refer to a specific genre of Judo: French Judo or Mongolian Judo comes to mind.

But you would not read that someone add his country name in front of his Judo club to my knowledge.

In fact, usually in Judo no one really put their name or country in front of Judo, they usually just refer to their geographical location instead.

Is it because they still look at Japan as the country of birth of Judo?
Is it because they do not have this complicated lineage and loyalty system that we have in BJJ.?

Should we change for the future of naming Jiu Jitsu?

Add the country
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
American Jiu Jitsu
New Zealand Jiu Jitsu

Or should we do without the country and make the sport and art as international as possible?

It is a delicate issue as we all know that branding of BJJ is already established that I doubt it is worth changing or adapting.

Well apart for nationalism aspirations.

Is it the issue of globalisation versus nationalism?

To conclude: 

How do you call Chinese food in China?


Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Enrollment update: Epson is now full but Sandringham is still taking new students

We had about ten new members trying out yesterday at our Epsom location.

Therefore, we will not be taking any new potential students until the first ten have completed their trial period.

We do not want to over crowed our mats and we want to retain a good ratio of teachers and students.

But we still have more space available at our bigger site in Sandringham location.

Please come down for a free class or email us on info@aucklandbjj.com

Please do it quickly otherwise you might miss out on training at our larger location in Sandringham.

Thank your for your support.

Sunday, 5 January 2020

Enroll your kids for classes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at our Sandringham Location

We have 4 weeks left to enroll your kids to our new program.

We are planning to start a Junior Squad aka Kids next year (2020).

We are looking at offering Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes at our Sandringham location.

681 Sandringham Road

Age range:
We are looking at 10-16 years old at the moment.

The classes will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5 pm-6 pm (before the senior class).

The instructor will be Jay.
Jay works as teacher at a local high school.

Auckland BJJ has been primarily offering classes to adults and we are very pleased to be able to open our doors to younger members of our community.

We are looking at a running a ten weeks program for term 1:

Monday  03 February 2020
Wednesday 08 April 2020.

The fees are $150 per term for one kid.

If you have an additional sibling, we offer a 50% discount for the additional child or children.

If you have a kid under 10 year old, we recommend our other club Auckland Kids BJJ as they teach the younger kids.


Week 1
Mount position

Week 2
Back position

Week 3
Side control

Week 4
knee on the belly

Week 5
guard subs

Week 6
Guard passes

Week 7
Guard sweep

Week 8
half guard

Week 9

Week 10

If the term 1 is a success, then you are likely to continue our junior program for term 2.

Of course, we will give priority to the kids that was already enrolled for term 1.

At moment, we are looking at limiting our number of students to ensure a good ratio for students/teacher.

We are looking at taking the first applications.

How do you apply?

Please email us and write down as much information as possible.

We will reply to confirm your reservation.

EMAIL: info@aucklandbjj.com


Saturday, 4 January 2020

Starting dates

Sandringham Dojo is starting from Monday 06/01 and Epsom Dojo will start from Tuesday 14/01. 
Come to 681 Sandringham Road and get your roll on next week. 
See you on the mats.

All level welcome.

Beginners welcome.

$20 per week on automatic payments.

No contract.

Come down for a free class or email us for more information.

Please note that we will close enrollment once we reach maximum capacity.